An ayurvedic skin detox at home

how to detoxify skin naturally,  ayurvedic skin detox , skin detox at home

how to detoxify skin naturally,  ayurvedic skin detox , skin detox at homeEveryone loves to have clean, clear, glowing, young looking skin. Skin is the largest organ of body which protects body from harmful elements of environment. It is constantly exposed to external pollutants, radiations and injuries.

Oily Skin Care-Ayurveda way

ayurveda remedies for oily skin

ayurveda remedies for oily skinHormonal imbalances in adolescence cause oily skin. This type of skin is common in teenagers. The oil secretion in skin increases during teen age and decreases as age advances. Hormonal imbalance may appear during pregnancy and menopause, which lead to increase secretion of oil from oil glands of skin. Contraceptive pills and cosmetics also tend to increase the oil secretion.

Normal skin care - Ayurveda tips and home remedies

Microscopic section of the skin show two distinct parts. Epidermis is the top most layer. The upper layer of epidermis contains dead cells which gradually cast off . These cells are gradually replaced by fresh new cells produced by basal layer which is the lower layer of epidermis.

Tips for Normal Skin

Massage your body daily with ayurvedic herbal oil to keep normal skin healthy. This process is called as “Abhyanga”. Massaging body with herbal oil has many benefits. In great ayurvedic classic Ashtanga Hridaya it has been mentioned as follows

" Abhyanga aachare nityam sa jara- shrama – vataha | Drushtihi prasada pushtyaahu swapna sutwak daadarya krit ||”

This means
Skin becomes soft and glowing.
Skin looks fresh.
Skin becomes resistant to diseases.
Skin looks healthy.
Sharp eyesight and attractive eyes.

Dry Skin Causes - An ayurveda view

Our skin is soft and smooth because of oil glands which are dotted under our skin. The skin becomes dry when these glands fail to supply sufficient lubrication to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Self Care for dry skin

Our skin has small oil glands dotted all over it. They secrete a natural oil to keep our skin soft and help to prevent drying of skin. The cells of skin also contain protective layer made of fats and proteins. This layer locks the moisture and protects our skin from harsh outside environment. Exposing ourselves to harsh climate and taking long hot water shower strips off the natural oil on skin and they can also disrupt the protective layer of fat and protein.

Dry Skin Ayurveda Care - A natural care for dry skin

Dry Skin looks dull and life less as it lacks moisture. Well hydrated moist skin glows and exhibits a healthy look. Wrinkles develop at an early age due to prolonged dryness of skin. Dry, rough and wrinkled skin gives an aged appearance. Dry and cracked skin harbor microbes and cause fungal infections. Excess drying of skin leads to dry eczema.

Hence a proper care should be taken to increase the moisture level of skin and prevent drying. Soft ,smooth and wrinkle free skin gives young and healthy look.

Ayurvedic Natural Dry Skin Remedies

Causes of Dry Skin:
The skin loses its capacity to retain moisture, as we grow old. The extreme climatic conditions to which we get exposed, as we grow old worsen the condition and skin becomes more dry.

Ayurveda description about dry skin

Ayurveda Body Skin Care

Fair , healthy and glowing skin attracts everybody's attention. Ayurveda has many solutions to have a fair , healthy and glowing skin.According to ayurveda skin has seven layers . When imbalanced doshas affect these layers different type of skin diseases arise. Doshas may get imbalanced in body and locally on skin.

Ayurveda Beauty Tips

ayurveda beauty tips

ayurveda beauty tips" Dharmaarthou sthreeshu lakshmishcha sthreeshu
lokaaha prathishtithaaha |
Suroopaa yauvanasthaa yaa lakshanairyaa vibhooshithaa ||
Yaa vashyaa shikshithaa yaa cha saa sthree vrishyatamaa mathaa|


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