Travel –It keeps your body and mind healthy Health benefits of traveling

A small picnic for a short period of time can do wonders for our well being. Taking a break from our regular busy routine rejuvenates mind and relaxes it. New place, different food and experiences help to de-stress mind and body.

 A good destination around our town or city can be chosen to break monotony of busy routine. We can ask family members or friends to join. The trip may be short- lasting for half day, or long lasting for weeks, but it should help to relax our mind and refresh it. Even business trips can be made more enjoyable.

Health care for globe trotters

50% of people, who travel, suffer a travel – related illness. All travelers should be well prepared for travel and be prepared to protect themselves from travel related illness. In this issue various aspects of travel related illness have been discussed with related protective measures.

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