Ayurveda Vajikarana Therapy

Improve sexual energy

Improve sexual energyAccording to ayurveda texts - men who are very active in sex are at a greater risk of losing energy and nutrients. Loss of energy and nutrients may lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido and poor semen quality and quantity.

Increasing Libido through Vajikarana Therapy

Ayurveda has laid much importance on a male's potency. Acharya Charaka states the use of aphrodisiacs as mentioned in ayurvedic treatments enhances one's potency by leaps and bounds. These medicines are said to give one the strength and potency of a horse. They contains herbs to increase libido. This therapy is known as Vajikarana Therapy

These treatments are especially useful for aged people. They are said to increase sperm count and sperm motility, and also rectify impotence

Causes for Low Libido (According to AYURVEDA)

Vajikarana Foods – Prepare at Home

vajikarana foods

vajikarana foodsTexts of ayurveda recommend numerous herbal preparations to increase libido of men. These preparations are known as Vajikarana preparations.  They help to increase quality and quantity of semen also.

Rativriddhikara Modaka - A Superior ayurvedic aphrodisiac preparation

Texts of ayurveda contain a special chapter known as “Vajikarana Adhyaya”. This chapter deals with the treatment methods ( Vajikarana Therapy ), herbal recipes and herbal preparations which are beneficial in improving potency of men. These preparations which are also known as “Vajikarana preparations” increase sexual energy and stamina by leaps and bounds.

Ayurveda Rasala Yoga to increase libido

The preparations called “Rasala yoga “has been illustrated in ayurvedic text “Yogaratnakara”. It has been said that king of Mathura had prepared this recipe to keep his sexual energy and stamina at optimum level. It has been said that this recipe calms mind  and cools body.

The recipe goes as follows

Curd – 2 cups – The curd must be sweet and little sour.

Sugar – 1 cup

Honey - ¼ cup

Ghee – ¼ cup

Delicious aphrodisiac soup for soul

Soups are always savored by everyone. It can be used as healthy starters. Soups are divine recipes favored by all age groups. Here is a recipe of soup made from aphrodisiac ingredients. These ingredients are delicately blended and mixed to dish out delicious soup.

Chief ingredients: ( Serves 3)

2 large onions longitudinally slit or diced

2 medium sized carrot diced

4-5 large tomatoes diced

Fresh green peas – ½ cup

3-4 cloves of garlic

Ashwagandha ksheerapaka – A natural food for erectile dysfunction

natural food for erectile dysfunction, best food for erectile dysfunction, ashwagandha powder milk

natural food for erectile dysfunction, best food for erectile dysfunction, ashwagandha powder milkTexts of ayurveda eulogize aphrodisiac properties of ashwagandha roots. It is said that   “Kando vajikaraha smritaha”- The roots of ashwagandha act as Vajikara or aphrodisiac.

Broken Wheat Pudding-an ayurvedic vajikarana food preparation at home

Broken wheat: 1 cup
Milk: 3 cups (pasturised or boiled)
Jaggery (traditional unrefined cane sugar)– 2 cups (or according to taste)
Ghee: ½  cup
Water: 3 cups
Cashews: ¼ cup
Raisins (draksha or dry grapes): ¼ cup
Almonds: ¼ cup
Cardamom: (powdered) – ½  tea spoon

Ayurveda Vrishya Ksheera : A drink with dates and milk

Vrishya ksheera is milk processed with aphrodisiac herbs and dry fruits. In Sanskrit Vrishya means aphrodisiac and ksheera means milk. Herbs which have both Vajikarana and Rasayana properties are used here. The milk thus processed with these herbs help as anti ageing. It also helps to increase the sexual energy in men. Regular consumption of this milk helps inerectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, low sperm count and low sperm motility. Texts of Ayurveda laud the properties of this milk.

Vajikara Ghee (Vajikara Ghrita)

In charaka samhita acharya charaka explains the method of preparing Vajikarana Ghrita (ghee processed with aphrodisiac herbs).  This aphrodisiac ghee is recommended for persons who have low sperm count and low sperm motility.  The method of preparation is explained below.

Newly grown dehusked Black gram – 25 gm (powdered)
Seeds of kapikacchu (mucuna pruriens) – 25 gm (powdered)
Shatavari, ashwagandha, Madhuyashti [ Glycerrhiza Glabra. ] – 3 gm each (powdered)
Ghee (prepared from cow’s milk) -  10 gm


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