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Travel –It keeps your body and mind healthy

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Travel –It keeps your body and mind healthy  Health benefits of traveling

A small picnic for a short period of time can do wonders for our well being. Taking a break from our regular busy routine rejuvenates mind and relaxes it. New place, different food and experiences help to de-stress mind and body.


A good destination around our town or city can be chosen to break monotony of busy routine. We can ask family members or friends to join. The trip may be short- lasting for half day, or long lasting for weeks, but it should help to relax our mind and refresh it. Even business trips can be made more enjoyable.

Here are important health benefits of traveling.

In this modern world our body and mind get stressed very easily with busy schedules like meeting deadlines, attending kids school meetings—the list goes on. The stress so accumulated takes a toll on our body and mind. Stress increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Stress worsens the conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hair loss, obesity, anxiety, depression etc. Travelling reduces stress. Correspondingly, reduction of stress lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Low cortisol level in blood promotes good health and checks the progress of the above mentioned health conditions. Relaxation also helps to release of feel good hormones or endorphins which boost the overall health of body.

A trip to a good destination or traveling breaks the monotony of daily routine. This has a healing effect on stagnant body and mind. The creativity of a person increases by leaps and bounds. A new enthusiasm and vigor charge body and mind.

A trip can help to rediscover oneself. Trekking, surfing, running on beach, walking on the edge of river bed etc provide excellent exercise to body and relaxes mind. Traveling enriches knowledge. A peep into different culture and lifestyle gives a new view to life.

While travelling our body becomes very active. An active body harbors an active mind. This boosts overall health of body and mind. Again mind starts planning next trip or vacation.

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