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Causes for cracked dry heels and feet

According to ayurveda the cracked dry heel is caused by vitiation of Vata. Due to vitiation of vata the skin becomes dry, rough and fissured.

  • Walking bare foot for long distances vitiates vata causing cracked dry heels.
  • Dry and cold weather increases vata in body and may cause cracks on the heels. The same weather conditions worsen the already present cracks or fissures on heels.
  • Usually the process of sweating keeps our skin moist and soft.
  • Absence of or inactive sweat glands cause dryness of skin. Vitiated vata dries up sweat glands.
  • People who have dry skin tend to develop cracked heels easily.
  • Continued pressure on feet causes cracking of skin on heels. This may be due to prolonged standing or over weight.
  • Thin soled shoes, Open backed shoes, heel spurs, Surgery of lower extremities, flat feet, high arched feet and diseases like psoriasis, eczema etc also cause fissured heels.


Self care for cracked heels

  • Avoid thin soled shoes or footwear and open backed shoes.
  • Use pumice stone bars to remove thick, dead skin of heels.
  • Apply medicated herbal balm which keeps the skin of heels soft and closes fissures.
  • Liberal application of herbal moisturizing lotion keeps your feet soft and attractive.
  • The skin of feet lacks oil glands. Hence apply herbal moisturizing lotion before going to bed and put on cotton socks. This tip helps to maintain the softness of skin of heels.
  • Reduce body weight and do not stand for a long time.
  • Never cut hard edges of fissures with blade, scissors or razor.
  • Diabetic patients should immediately consult their physician if the fissures persist for a long time and show color changes.
  • A regular foot bath and foot massage helps to keep the skin on heals healthy and soft.

Follow ayurveda treatment for dry cracked or fissured heal

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