1. In arthritis Gentle exercises like walking , yoga are helpful. Stop any exercise if joints are inflamed and painful.
2. A healthy diet which do not cause indigestion and constipation are advised. Foods which cause obesity should be avoided.
3. Weight should be controlled well.
4. Apply heat compresses to relax muscles and ease pain
5. Reduce stress by practicing yoga and meditation


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According to ayurveda persons who have healthy bones and skeletal system are known as “asthi sarapurusha”. These persons will have strong bones, teeth and nails. They will be very strong, active and enthusiastic.

Minerals like Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium along with protein and collagen help to build bones. Vitamin D is needed to make bones strong. Hormonal imbalances, increased intake of proteins, salt and stimulants interrupt bone building. Stress and prescription drugs also disrupt the process of bone building. Deficiency of these nutrients leads to osteoporosis, inflammation of joints (arthritis) and painful joints. Dificiency of vitamin D leads to painful joints, stiff neck, hairloss and bone loss.

* Exposing skin to sunrays makes vitamin D available to body. Oysters, cottage cheese and eggs contain small amount of vitamin D.
* Vitamin C encourages collagen production. Hence adequate intake of citrus food helps to supplement Vitamin C .
* Cereals, legumes, Leafy greens and yellow, orange, and red vegetables supply good amounts of calcium.
* Dry fruits, Nuts , seeds (sunflower, black sesame and pumpkin seeds) and their oils are abundant with vitamins and minerals as well as healthy essential fatty acids such as omega-3-and-6 .
* Regular exercise helps to build strong bones and reduce calcium loss. It makes joints stronger and healthy.
* Stress reducing techniques like yoga and meditation help to reduce calcium depletion.
* Avoid excess intake of coffee, tea, cola etc.
* Try to maintain normal weight and avoid getting overweight

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