Genital Herpes

Many observe that stress increases frequency of herpes outbreaks.  Weather it is genital herpes or oral herpes, stress kindles outbreak.  Symptoms like radiating pain along affected parts, water filled blisters, itching and burning sensation on skin, ant creeping sensation, indigestion, body pain etc  surface during this period.

What changes in body, during stressful conditions initiate activation of herpes virus ?

During stressful conditions our body secretes stress hormones. When stress continues to exist over a period of time, the stress hormones keep on circulating in body through blood stream. The cells and tissues of our body respond in a negative way for this constant presence of stress hormones. As a result, the aging process of tissues and cells accelerate and the body immunity nose dives.  Plummeted levels of body immunity initiate activation of herpes virus. The dormant herpes virus resurfaces with painful symptoms.

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