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Soups are always savored by everyone. It can be used as healthy starters. Soups are divine recipes favored by all age groups. Here is a recipe of soup made from aphrodisiac ingredients. These ingredients are delicately blended and mixed to dish out delicious soup.

Chief ingredients: ( Serves 3)

2 large onions longitudinally slit or diced

2 medium sized carrot diced

4-5 large tomatoes diced

Fresh green peas – ½ cup

3-4 cloves of garlic

1 inch grated ginger

2 cloves

½ inch cinnamon stick

Black pepper – ½ tea spoon

Long pepper – ½ tea spoon

Cumin seeds – ½ spoon

Butter for seasoning – 2 tea spoon

Salt to taste.

Cream – 1 small cup

Pressure cook all ingredients with 1 cup of water, except salt, fresh peas, cumin seeds and cream. Allow the cooked ingredient mix to cool. Blend all cooked ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste. Heat a wok or kadahi. Toss butter in it to melt. Add cumin seeds and roast it well. Add fresh peas and toss it till they are soft. Pour the blended mix to wok . Stir well. Add salt and bring it to boil. Add cream before serving.  Savor it with roasted urad papads.(black gram papads)

Onions, garlic, butter, milk cream, carrots, long pepper, urad dal are all eulogized by ayurveda acharyas for their aphrodisiac properties.

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Indigestion is a common ailment of digestive system.  Indigestion can lead to constipation, bloating of stomach, flatulence and loss of appetite. Texts of ayurveda recommend various herbal remedies for indigestion. Here are two very effective ayurvedic home remedies for indigestion. These can be prepared using ingredients available on kitchen shelf.

Clove tea:  Clove tea is a liquid remedy recommended in “Yogaratnakara”.

1.    Clove  – 5  in number
2.    Haritaki  (harad )powder – 1 tea spoon
3.    Water – 200 ml
4.    Sendha namak (rock salt) – ¼  tea spoon

Method – Coarsely powder the cloves. Mix clove, Haritaki powder and water. Boil this till ¼ of water remains. Add sendha namak or Rock salt to this. Filter this to get a clear decoction of herbs. This tea helps in indigestion and also relieves constipation by loosening the stools.

Coriander and ginger tea:

1.    Coriander seeds – coarsely powdered – 1 tea spoon
2.    Dry ginger powder – 1 tea spoon
3.    Water – 200 ml
4.    Lemon juice– ¼ tea spoon
5.    Sendha namak (rock salt) – ¼ tea spoon

Method: Mix all ingredients. Boil this till ¼ th of water remains. Add lemon juice and Rock salt after filtering the decoction.  This helps in indigestion which has occurred after the consumption of heavy foods. It also relieves stomach pain and increases appetite.


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Rock salt or sendha namak

The Ayurvedic Sanskrit name of rock salt is “Saindhav lavan” . Saindhav lavan is one among 5 salts described by ayurveda.It is also known as “Halite”, which is a mineral of Sodium chloride. Rock salt is rich in minerals and does not pose health problems. The benefits of rock salt have been described here. Rock salt is known as Sendha Namak in hindi.

  1. This salt enhances the taste of formulations and recipes in which it has been used.
  2. Rock salt supplies minerals which are required by our body. Our body requires salt for its proper functioning. Salt enhances water absorption, maintains PH and helps in movement of nutrients between tissue fluid and cells.
  3. Apart from these functions, rock salt stabilizes blood pressure and also acts as an anti-oxidant.
  4. Rock salt pacifies all the three doshas and is considered the healthiest form of salt in ayurveda
  5. Ayurvedic formulations for digestive disorders contain Saindhav lavan as it improves appetite, removes gas and soothes heartburn. Hingvastak powder is one such formlation.
  6. Health benefits of Sendha namak are numerous. Rock salt is also used as home remedy in various health conditions like arthritis, herpes and insect bites.
  7. The brine of this salt can be used for gargling, in throat infections and common cold to clear passages.
  8. This salt can be used as teeth whitener.
  9. Sendha namak can be used as body scrub. It exfoliates dead skin and increases glow of skin.
  10. It can also be used as foot scrub, hand scrub or for foot bath.
  11.  A pinch of rock salt mixed with 1 tea spoon of ginger juice increases appetite and aids digestion.



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Breast milk is a treasure house of nutrients and immunity building components.  These nutrients keep babies healthy.

Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Exposure to antibiotics (either by the child or a breastfeeding mother), yeast on nipple, yeast infection in birth canal of mother etc  can cause thrush. If baby is on antibiotics, it kills the friendly flora, or bacteria, found naturally in the human body, allowing the yeast to thrive. If thrush is due to antibiotic treatment of baby, then mother’s milk will help to fight this condition.

Dr.Shirish Bhate remembers usage of breast milk drops in conjunctivitis in childhood. Coconut oil and human breast milk contain one component in common i.e lauric acid. Lauric acid is medium chain fatty acid. When these substances are consumed, Lauric acid gets transformed into monolaurin. The compound Monolaurin helps to fight numerous infections. Thus coconut oil and breast milk act as antibiotics.

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  1. Reduce intake of sugar and sweets. Jaggery can be used if sweet is inevitable.
  2. Avoid refined flours like Maida and corn flour.
  3. Stop using sour foods. Lemon and amla are exception. Lemon juice or dry amla (Emblica Officinalis can be used whenever needed).
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Dark circles or under eye circles are common beauty complaint.  Men and women experience dark circles under their eyes at one time or another. The thin skin under eyes is very delicate.  When this delicate skin gets damaged due to various causes, dark circles appear.  Sun rays, stress, sleeplessness etc cause dryness and wrinkling of skin under eyes. This exposes veins which are beneath the under eye skin. All these together make the skin under eyes to look dark. Here are few effective methods to prevent under eye circles or dark circles.

  • Sleep well. A good undisturbed sleep for eight hours helps to get rid of dark circles.
  • Reduce stress. Indulge in stress busting activities like outdoor sports, listening to music, gardening etc.
  • Eat healthy foods. Include fresh green vegetables and fruits in diet.
  • Drink plenty of water. Well hydrated skin is not prone for wrinkling.
  • Avoid junk foods and deep fried foods. Nourishing diet helps to prevent dark circles. Say good bye to sweets and chocolates.
  • Wear dark shaded glasses and hat with shade, when you step out in sun. This prevents sun burn.
  • Do not scratch under eye skin.
  • Restrict salt intake.
  • Avoid coffee, tobacco and recreational drugs.
  • Exercise regularly. A brisk walk for 30 minutes is the best exercise.

Home remedies for dark circles under eyes

  • Apply coconut oil or castor oil on under eye skin; tap the skin gently with fingertips.
  • Dip two cotton balls in fresh cucumber juice and place them on eyes.
  • Place thin slices of potato on eyes.
  • Practice YOGA and Meditation.
  • Pranayama or deep breathing exercises help a lot in under eye circles.
  • Dip green tea bags in refrigerated water and place them on eyes.
  • Applying a face pack of green apple gives very good results.
  • Mix sugar cane juice with turmeric and apply it on under eye skin.
  • Applying egg white on under eye skin help to reduce dark circles.



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Water is the major constituent of our body. It is considered as macronutrient by nutritionists.  It is very essential to keep our body well hydrated to maintain the normal body functions. Apart from this, water can be wisely used to keep our body healthy and to prevent many health conditions.  Texts of ayurveda eulogize medicinal properties of water while explaining the solutions for various diseases. Ayurveda acharyas explain the health benefits of warm water, boiled water and plain water. Here are few health benefits of water.


  • Drinking 2 liters of water per day helps to detoxify skin and reduces eruption of acne and pimples.
  • A good supply of water to body slows down aging process of skin and prevents formation of wrinkles.
  • Drinking warm water helps in softening of dry scaly skin. Consumption of warm water also reduces flaring of psoriasis.
  • Well hydrated skin never tends to dry. This is a good home remedy for people who suffer from dry skin conditions.


  • Drinking sufficient water helps to keep headaches at bay.
  • Consuming warm water regularly can prevent repeated migraine attacks.

Joint pains and fever

  • Dehydration of joint spaces can lead to pain in joints. Drinking water in plenty help to reduce joint pain
  • Warm water therapy is advised by ayurveda acharyas in conditions like arthritis.
  • A good supply of water to body reduces back pain.
  • Consumption of warm water during fever accelerates our body defense mechanism to fight the disease causing pathogens.

Other health benefits

  • Drinking the water stored in copper vessel (copper water) can help in male infertility.
  • Drinking boiled water protect us from many contagious diseases.
  • Drinking sufficient water helps in weight loss.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water before going to bed and after getting up early in the morning relieves constipation .

These are few health benefits of water which are picked up from the long list. Let drinking water become an inseparable part of your daily routine. Harness the innumerable health benefits by just drinking 2 liters of water spread over a day.


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1.    Eat a healthy Balanced diet. Include plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruits, minor millets, milk and milk products. Vegetables and fruits provide antioxidants and minerals which are necessary to keep the body healthy. Amla (amalaki or Indian gooseberry or emblica officinalis), is considered as a fruit which help in hair growth. Include banana in your diet as banana contains plenty of calcium which is a vital nutrient required for hair growth. Healthy diet prevents hair loss and improves quality and quantity of hair.

2.    Drink plenty of water (2 liters or 12 glasses per day). Water flushes out toxins and increases moistness of skin and hair. This prevents splitting of hair.

3.    Our body produces natural oil which is secreted through oil glands of skin and scalp. This oil keeps our hair strands conditioned. Hence do not use harsh shampoos or soaps which strip off natural oil of scalp. Always use mild shampoo to wash hair.

4.    Wash your hair once in three days. Repeated hair wash leads to dry hair and split ends.

5.    Exercise regularly. This helps to increase blood circulation and keep our whole body healthy and rejuvenated. A brisk walk for 30 minutes is advisable for all ages.

6.    Massage your scalp with good hair oil. Hair oil which is processed with hair friendly herbs help to condition the hair and prevent drying of hair. A good head massage help to increase blood circulation to scalp skin and aid hair growth. Head massage also reduces stress, tension headaches and induces good sleep.

7.    Take measures to prevent formation of dandruff. Dandruff leads to hair loss and stunts hair growth.

8.    Brush your hair from root to tips before taking head bath.

9.    Wear a swimming cap to prevent hair damage due to chlorine.

10.    Avoid tying hair tightly with hair bands. This leads to baldness.


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1. Fresh juice of guduchi (10 ml ) has to be mixed with equal quantity of honey. Consuming this mixture in empty stomach in morning helps to reduce productive cough.

2. Crush few guduchi leaves and extract the juice. Mix it with pure ghee. Consuming this in empty stomach helps to reduce joint pains which arise due to arthritis of various kinds.

3. The juice prepared out of giloy leaves and jaggery helps to relieve constipation.

4. Fresh juice of guduchi helps to reduce fever and reduce drying of mouth.

5. A mixture of ginger juice and juice of Tinospora Cardifolia when taken in empty stomach help in amavatha (Rheumatoid arthritis)

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  1. Paste of tulsi leaves when applied on inflamed areas help to reduce pain and inflammation.
  2. It is beneficial to smear crushed tulsi leaves on skin rashes, ring worm affected areas and insect bites
  3. Make a smooth paste of tulsi leaves and apply it on acne and pimple to see effective results.
  4. Fresh tulsi juice mixed with ginger and honey help to reduce cough and cold.
  5. Tulsi decoction is very beneficial in fevers like dengue and malaria.
  6. Gargling with tulsi decoction helps to reduce throat pain and mouth ulcers.
  7. Regular consumption of Tulsi leaves help to control diabetes and blood cholesterol.


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