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Soups are always savored by everyone. It can be used as healthy starters. Soups are divine recipes favored by all age groups. Here is a recipe of soup made from aphrodisiac ingredients. These ingredients are delicately blended and mixed to dish out delicious soup.

Chief ingredients: ( Serves 3)

2 large onions longitudinally slit or diced

2 medium sized carrot diced

4-5 large tomatoes diced

Fresh green peas – ½ cup

3-4 cloves of garlic

1 inch grated ginger

2 cloves

½ inch cinnamon stick

Black pepper – ½ tea spoon

Long pepper – ½ tea spoon

Cumin seeds – ½ spoon

Butter for seasoning – 2 tea spoon

Salt to taste.

Cream – 1 small cup

Pressure cook all ingredients with 1 cup of water, except salt, fresh peas, cumin seeds and cream. Allow the cooked ingredient mix to cool. Blend all cooked ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste. Heat a wok or kadahi. Toss butter in it to melt. Add cumin seeds and roast it well. Add fresh peas and toss it till they are soft. Pour the blended mix to wok . Stir well. Add salt and bring it to boil. Add cream before serving.  Savor it with roasted urad papads.(black gram papads)

Onions, garlic, butter, milk cream, carrots, long pepper, urad dal are all eulogized by ayurveda acharyas for their aphrodisiac properties.

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Texts of ayurveda contain a special chapter known as “Vajikarana Adhyaya”. This chapter deals with the treatment methods ( Vajikarana Therapy ), herbal recipes and herbal preparations which are beneficial in improving potency of men. These preparations which are also known as “Vajikarana preparations” increase sexual energy and stamina by leaps and bounds.

The ayurvedic texts “Yogaratnakara” recommends one such herbal recipe which is superior to all other recipes. It is superior because it contains best aphrodisiac herbs as its ingredients. This recipe is known as “Rativriddhikara Modaka”. The meaning of word “Rativriddhikara” is – the preparation which increases libido.

The method of preparation goes as follows

Ingredient herbs:
1.    Gokshura (tribulus trrestris)
2.    Ashwagandha
3.    Makhana (fox nut)
4.    Shatavari
5.    Musali or shweta musli
6.    Kapikacchu
7.    Yashtimadu
8.    Bala

All the above mentioned herbs have to be powdered and taken in equal proportion. Measure the weight of herbs. Mix milk which weighs eight times the total weight of herbs. Add ghee which weighs equal to herb mixture. Take sugar which weighs twice the weight of herbs and add it the above mixture. Heat the whole mix of herbs, milk, ghee and sugar in a thick bottomed vessel. Remove it from flame when mixture thickens and starts leaving the surface of vessel. Prepare round ball like modakas. These have to be administered after determining the strength of agni in a patient.

Easy way to understand weight measurements of ingredients-

1.    Gokshura (tribulus trrestris) – 10 gms
2.    Ashwagandha – 10 gm
3.    Makhana (fox nut) -10 gms
4.    Shatavari – 10gms
5.    Musali – 10 gms
6.    Kapikacchu – 10 gms
7.    Yashtimadu – 10 gms
8.    Bala – 10 gms

The total weight of herbs 80 gms
Milk  – 8 times more than weight of herb mix – 640 gms (80 X 8)
Ghee – Equal weight of herb mixture – 80 gms
Sugar – twice the weight of herbs – 160 Gms (80 X 2)

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Texts of ayurveda recommend numerous herbal preparations to increase libido of men. These preparations are known as Vajikarana preparations.  They help to increase quality and quantity of semen also. Herbs like Onion, tribulus terrestris  (gokshura), kapikacchu, ashwagandha etc, are used in these preparations .  Here are two such recipes which help as herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction

Recipe -1:
Sitaphalandu rasa – “Sita” means sugar . Phalandu is onion. The preparation made from Sugar and onion is “Sitaphalandu rasa”. Mix sugar, honey, milk, ghee and juice of honey in a container and stir it well. The preparation is ready to consume.  According to Yogaratnakara consumption of this helps to increase body strength and slows down aging process. Its effectiveness is so good that it makes even an aged man to get strength of a youngster.

Recipe – 2:
Gokshura Churna:-  Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris is a known herbal aphrodisiac. Powder of gokshura has to be boiled in milk of goat. When it gets cooled honey has to be added before consumption. Consumption of this preparations increases strength and rectifies erectile dysfunction. Yogaratnakara recommends this recipe as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

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Carrots men health benefits

Deep orange fresh carrots are liked by everybody. Carrots are store house of nutrients. The nutrient rich carrots help men to overcome many health conditions which occur due to deficiency of essential nutrients. Here is a bird eye view of role of carrots in men’s health.

Carrots can increase sperm count and sperm health – Carrots are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and beta-carotene. Anti oxidants are best weapon against sperm damage. The nutrients in carrot help to increase sperm count and also maintain the health of sperm in men. Men, who consume sufficient amount of anti oxidants and vitamin E, are able to produce sperms with increased motility. Their sperms move or swim fast.

Carrots help in erectile dysfunction – Low potassium level and reduced level of Vitamin E can lead to erectile dysfunction. Carrot contains good amount of potassium and Vitamin E. This can correct deficiencies and help in erectile dysfunction. Antioxidants from carrot can slow down the aging process and thus help in age related erectile dysfunction.

Carrots can prevent prostate cancer- Studies have shown that men with prostate cancer have low vitamin A level. Men who consume sufficient amount of vitamin A and antioxidants have less probability of getting prostate cancer. Carrots are rich source of Vitamin A and antioxidants. Hence consumption of carrots can prevent prostate cancer.

Other health benefits – Carrots can provide other health benefits to men. They are rich in fiber and aid in easy movement of bowel. This prevents constipation. The antioxidants and vitamins in carrot make the skin healthy and young looking. These nutrients also decelerate aging process and can make men look younger than their actual age.

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Overheating of testicles low sperm count

Testicles in men secrete male hormones and also help in sperm production. Testes function properly only when they are cooler than rest of the body. Hence anatomically they are structured (hanged outside the body) such that they do not experience the body heat. If testes are subjected to high temperatures, the increased heat can kill the sperms and cause low sperm count.

 According ayurveda acharya Sushruta, testicles are made of Kapha and medhas. Kapha and medhas help in production of shukra dhatu, which is the combination of testosterone and semen. Increased heat destroys kapha and medas . This hinders production of shukra dhatu.

Causes of overheating of testicles:-.

There are numerous factors which increase the temperature of testicles. They are

  1. Wearing tight undergarments.
  2. Wearing pants with tight skin hugging crotches.
  3. Taking bath in hot saunas.
  4. Working in front of hot furnace or in hot climate.
  5. Keeping lap top on your laps for long hours.
  6. Soaking in tub bath filled with hot water.
  7. Sitting for a long time on a cushioned chair.

Overcoming low sperm count by preventing overheating of testicles-

  1. Wear comfortable supportive cotton undergarments.
  2. Wear pants which are lose at crotch and do not push testicles inside the body.
  3. Never sit in hot steam bath or saunas for a long time. If you are sitting in a steam bath chamber place a wet cotton cloth on your scrotum.
  4. Protect the scrotum with proper heat resisting pants when you work in hot climate or near furnaces.
  5. Avoid keeping lap tops on laps for long hours. Keep them on lap only when it is inevitable.
  6. If you are willing to enjoy a tub bath, fill it with luke warm water. By no means use hot water tubs.
  7. Never sit for long hours on a chair. Make it a habit to get up from chair once in 30 minutes and walk around for 5 minutes to push the heat out of testicular region. This also helps to increase blood circulation.
  8. Kapha and medhas, which aid normal function of testicles, get vitiated due to overheating. This leads to reduction in sperm production causing low sperm count in men. According to texts of ayurveda dipping scrotum in a mug of cold water,( which is at room temperature) for few minutes helps to normalize kapha and medhas by reducing temperature of testicles. This increases sperm production. The process can be repeated number of times whenever you feel heat in testicular region. Another method to cool testicles is, a thin soft cotton cloth has to be dipped in cold water and is placed on genital area for 3 minutes.

With these methods one can prevent over heating of testicles and overcome low sperm count.

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We all know that stress can cause erectile dysfunction. If stress is temporary, the Ed problem disappears when stress causing factor is tackled. If a person undergoes stress continuously then sexual dysfunction may be a perpetual problem. Ayurveda acharyas mention stress as one of the causative factor for erectile dysfunction. According to texts of ayurveda stress causes undernourishment or drying of male reproductive tissues. This in turn reduces production of shukra dhatu . (shukra dhatu is compared to semen)

Based on principles of ayurveda , Shukra dhatu is one of the seven vital tissues . This helps in normal function of male reproductive system. Healthy shukra dhatu is very essential to carry the process of sexual function in normal manner.  Any imbalance in normal composition of shukra dhatu can lead to erectile dysfunction. Due to chronic stress the shukradhatu diminishes and erectile dysfunction sets in.

Hence as natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, texts of ayurveda recommend daily practice of meditation and Yoga. Meditation and Yoga help in reducing stress level and also one can handle stressful condition very well if they practice these two regimens.

Apart from these walking, aerobic exercises, gardening etc also help to keep the body and mind healthy. The above mentioned activities help to decrease stress. As a herbal ayurveda remedy for erectile dysfunction ayurveda vaidyas recommend many herbs like ashwagandha, shweta musli etc which help in stress reduction. These herbs also act as aphrodisiacs and aid in rejuvenation of male reproductive system.
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The preparations called “Rasala yoga” has been illustrated in ayurvedic text “Yogaratnakara”. It has been said that king of Mathura had prepared this recipe to keep his sexual energy and stamina at optimum level. It has been said that this recipe calms mind  and cools body.

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Acharya charaka has given a detailed description of erectile dysfunction which is caused due to old age. According to Charaka samhita the age related sexual dysfunction occurs due to following reasons.

  • In old age man faces under nourishment due to various reasons. Reduced production of digestive juices, inability to chew food due to weak teeth, medications are few of these reasons. The tissues of male reproductive system fail to get adequate nutrients and this leads to erectile dysfunction.

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According to texts of ayurveda, injury to male genital organ can cause erectile dysfunction. This injury may be due to trauma, infections, chronic diseases or imbalance of doshas . Thus when there is a failure to achieve proper supply of blood to male organ system, the erectile dysfunction sets in.  This type of sexual dysfunction is known as “Dhwajabhanga claibya” in ayurveda. The reasons for this type of erectile dysfunction are explained in texts of ayurveda as follows.

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According to ayurveda acharya charaka , when quantity and quality of semen reduces, erectile dysfunction sets in. The reasons for reduction in semen which cause erectile dysfunction in men are as follows.

A.Consumption of following types of foods can cause in reduction of semen.
•Foods which are sticky or paste like,
•Very little quantity of food.
•Polluted or spoilt.
•Opposite foods
•Refrigerated foods.

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