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It’s summer and the heat is on. The rising mercury levels indicate arrival of summer. The seasonal fruit of summer is watermelon. Juicy pulp of this fruit cools body, quenches thirst and satiates taste buds. The main constituent (92%) of this fruit is water. But the remaining small portion of nutrients plays a big role in nourishing our body. Here are few health benefits of watermelon.

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Obesity has become a major health problem. This problem has to be addressed with a priority. Even though a help from health professional is needed to fight this condition, it is the efforts of an individual which counts in large. Major ailments like heart diseases, joint pain, elevated blood pressure, polycystic ovarian diseases, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, diabetes etc surface when a person develops obesity. Health professionals advice to exercise regularly (to burn already accumulated fat) and to reduce calorie intake through diet. Here are few tips for healthy cooking which help to reduce adding extra calories to your recipe.

•    Steam vegetables instead of frying in oil. Let them be parboiled to keep the nutrients locked.
•    Use olive oil or rice bran oil to season the recipe.
•    Do not add oil to a salad.
•    Shallow fry food items than deep frying.
•    Always use nonstick cooking vessel which needs very less oil to cook.
•    Use jaggery (gur) or honey instead of refined sugar.
•    Use steamed sprouts, green salads for filling.
•    Prepare your own sauces at home without using preservatives.
•    Use whole cereals and grains to prepare breads, rotis and naans.
•    Use vegetable juices with mint and spices as appetizers instead of creamy soups.
•    Fruit salad with honey can be a best choice for desert.
•    Roast papads instead of deep frying them in oil.


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Many women struggle hard to lose weight after pregnancy. Here are few useful tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

1.    Avoid crash diet. This may cause reduction in breast milk and also quality of breast milk.
2.    Incorporate healthy diet rich in nutrients into your daily routine. Consult your family physician or dietician before starting this.
3.    Include exercises like yoga and pranayama in your daily routine. Take opinion of your gynecologist before starting any exercise. Women who have undergone caesarian section should start exercises after 6 months.
4.    Breast feed baby. This helps to reduce the post pregnancy fat and tone up the muscles which are strained during pregnancy and delivery.
5.    Do not start any diet or exercise till the baby completes 12 weeks. You need at least 12 weeks of rest after delivery. Body needs this 12 weeks time to recuperate from pregnancy and delivery.
6.    Any strenuous work before this period may lead to muscle cramps, passing of blood clots and other complications.
7.    Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. Slow weight reduction is always advisable. Losing one or two pounds per week is always ideal.
8.    Avoid sweets, fast foods, soft drinks, processed and deep fried food.
9.    Keep full stock of fresh fruits and vegetable at home.
10.    Snack on vegetable salads, fresh fruits and dry fruits.
11.    Add sprouts to salads and other recipes. This increases nutritional value of the recipe. Your diet should be high in nutrients and low in calories.
12.    According to principles of ayurveda vata dosha gets vitiated during delivery. Hence both mother and child should be massaged with herbal oil (usually ksheerabala oil is recommended for massaging mother). Massage and warm water bath helps to balance vata and strengthen the muscles.
13.    Spices like turmeric, pepper, long pepper, ginger are added to mother’s diet. This helps to normalize digestion and prevents accumulation of fat.
14.    Milk has to be consumed twice daily to fulfill the needs of nutrients. Consumption of skimmed milk is a good choice.
15.    Mother should get sufficient sleep. Avoid stressful conditions. Stress causes secretion of stress hormones which may lead to binge eating.

Before starting any weight loss program consult your doctor.



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