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Indian country cow Ghee reduces cholesterol, does not build it. This is an experience on several Cardio-Vascular-Disease (CVD) patients.One of them very recently completed 21 km Marathon non-stop in Mumbai, in a slow jogging mood and is now considering going to Himalayan Treks. Cow ghee is also used in Cancer Camps, where all types of secondary cancer patients are being treated by PanchGavya medicines.

Of course the ability of ghee in reducing cholesterol may differ depending on the type of cow and her diet. In some Goushalas experiments are in progress to study correlation between cow diet and resulting PanchGavya medicines. Different cow breeds have slightly different properties.

In ayurveda, several medicines are prepared by boiling butter along with fresh herbs/herbal powders/extracts since ghee squeezes out all the medicinal properties of herbs, almost equivalent to taking the fresh juice of the herb. Arjun Ghruta is the well known heart toner made in ghee, to cite an example. At least fifty other come to the mind.

Ghee dose should typically be 1-2 tsp in every meal, unless directed otherwise.

Dr. Shirish Bhate

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