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Hair loss is a symptom and not disease itself. While allopathy touches the hair loss superficially, ayurveda considers it in depth. Hence the evolution of several hair oils, natural shampoos. While modern 21st century woman cuts her hair short like men, long, smooth and lustrous hair was an asset in beauty and personality, especially in oriental lifestyle, as seen by ancient history depicted in temples, pictures, idols. More than beauty, author feels that hair are given to us by god, as natural antennae for collecting cosmic energy emitted by universe. If the chakras are active, one can see dark plenty hair on the parts the body, where chakras are located. A well known example is Ramdev Maharaj, whom you can watch on T.V. in India, twice a day or on website The hair also indicates the hormonal status.

There can be many reasons for hair loss, other than hormonal changes. Fatigue, shortness of breath, simultaneous weight loss and colorless face indicate the possibility of anemia as the most likely reason.

Anemia means reduced Hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is made up of certain proteins and Iron. It is carrier of oxygen to all our blood cells. We need oxygen to produce the energy and loss of Hemoglobin reduces the energy produced, resulting in the fatigue. If the anemia is treated, hair loss automatically gets treated. There are three primary reasons for anemia:

1. Inadequate production of RBC cells due to reduced nutrition, hormone unbalance or other diseases

2. Destruction of Hemoglobin carrying cells due to genetic disorders

3. Loss of blood through Menses, accidents etc.

Women become the victim of anemia mostly due to third reason. Even slight reduction in Hemoglobin causes thinning of hair, drying of hair, reduction in the dark shade ( the natural color of hair). While assessing the Hemoglobin quantity requires a costly blood test, ayurvedists examine it simply by color of the face, color of the nails when a finger is pressed. Hands and feet are very informative areas of the body which contain the information on state of the body, and also contain thousands of acupuncture points for whole body.

Our body requires copper as a catalyst for hydrogen oxidation, development of Melanin (the compound which gives natural color to hair) and also for releasing the iron extracted out of the old RBC cells accumulated in liver. Other than dates, raisins, copper water, copper is available in various foods such as mushrooms, grains, cereals, fruits having tough skins. Mushrooms contain a significant amount of copper.

Another variety of anemia is mostly noted in the age group above forty, as a result of deficiency of B12 vitamin and Folic acid. The deficiency of a chemical responsible for absorption of this vitamin causes this anemia. This vitamin is needed to produce more blood cells in bone marrow. This anemia shows similar symptoms. IN addition, bleeding through nose, loss of weight and appetite, thinning of hair, drying and/or hardening of hair can occur. In several cases, hair loss was reduced to negligible quantity by change of diet, and ayurvedic medicines directed at building up of Blood iron; e.g. Loha Bhasma, Saptamrut Loha, Kantloha Bhasma, Navayas Loha, Punarnava Mandur, Tapyadi Loha etc. Which of these should be used depends upon the specific case by case and one should consult the ayurvedic consultant nearest to him. Most of these are quite expensive medicines.

In general, most of the diseases cause reduction of blood iron, and drinking of copper water, soaked dates/raisins can be a general recommendation.

Dr Shirish Bhate

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1. Applying juice of neem or margosa leaves to scalp prevent dandruff and hair loss caused by it.

2. Washing hair and scalp with decoction of neem leaves helps to prevent hair loss and stabilizes color.

3. Boil few pieces of amla, curry leaves and neem leaves in pure coconut oil till it becomes crisp. Massage this oil on scalp. This is best tonic for hair growth.

4. Rubbing scalp with equal quantity of amla juice and lime juice after washing hair help in hair loss and increases the luster.

5. Consuming fresh lettuce leaves or lettuce juice helps in growth of hair.

6. After washing hair with cold water, rub the scalp vigorously with finger tips till you feel the heat. This effectively controls hair loss.

7. Applying a pack of soaked and ground fenugreek seeds for half an hour help to prevent dandruff.

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•    Avoid over massaging of scalp and hair. This may increase production of sebum which leads to clogging of hair follicles and hair loss
•    It is advisable to massage scalp and hair at night and wash it off in morning. Or else excess oil may attract dust and dirt paving way for dandruff.
•    Wash your hair at least twice a week.
•    Eat well balanced food which is rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Nutritious food leads to healthy hair growth.
•    Take utmost care of your diet during pregnancy, nursing, menopause and while using oral contraceptives.
•    Massage hair regularly with suitable hair oil.
•    Dry hair naturally. Avoid blow driers.
•    Do not brush excessively. It may lead to hair loss and splitting of hair.
•    Cover your hair with cotton scarves to protect from hot sun or cold drying air.
•    Avoid tight caps and hats. This may disturb blood circulation to hair follicles.

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Ayurveda recommends Coconut oil or naarikela taila (in ayurveda) in conditions like dry skin and skin diseases. It has been found that application of coconut oil is beneficial in psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

Massaging coconut oil on body has myriad benefits. It prevents formation of wrinkles, ageing of skin and pigmentation. It is known as varnya in ayurveda. Varnya means restoring the complexion and glow of skin

It relieves stress when massaged on scalp and rejuvenates scalp and hair. It is classified as keshya. Keshya signifies its action as a hair friendly herb.

Application of coconut oil helps to prevent hair loss, dandruff and increase hair growth. It also acts as a natural hair conditioner.

Massaging foot with coconut oil helps to soften cracked heels and increases the beauty of foot.

Application of coconut oil accelerates the process of wound healing. It is very safe to apply on cuts and wounds


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