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The following properties of coconut water are mentioned in ayurvedic texts

1. It is sweet in taste and increases moistness of skin.
2. It acts as a body coolant.
3. Coconut water is a very good aphrodisiac and increases sexual energy and desire. It increases quality and quantity of semen and very helpful to persons who suffer from ED.
4. It is easily digested and instantly energizes body
5. It quenches thirst .
6. It normalises aggravated vata and pitta.
7. It cleanses body and bladder
8. It acts a good appetizer.

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1.    Apply crushed pulp of ash gourd on skin which is affected by burns. It cools the burns and help to heal quickly.

2.    The juice of leaves can be used in same way.

3.    Grate pulp of fully matured Benincasa Hispida (ash gourd) fruit. Squeeze it and extract its juice. Mix it with equal quantity of water. Drink this juice in empty stomach daily. This helps to increase memory power, heal stomach ulcer and reduce acidity. It also acts as a brain tonic.

4.    Cut the matured fruit’s pulp into big cubes and boil them in water, till they are half cooked. Use this water for soups and consume the cooked fruit. This helps to relieve the constipation.

5.    Including cooked pulp in diet or consumption of juice helps in condition like bleeding piles.

6.    Regular consumption of slices of ash gourd treated with sugar syrup help to increase body weight in patients affected with tuberculosis.

7.    Regular consumption of this fruit helps to increase quality and quantity of semen.

8.    When heat boils appear on skin, mix juice of this fruit with besan flour and apply as pack on affected skin.


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