10 main reasons for erectile dysfunction

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10 main reasons for erectile dysfunction

main reasons for erectile dysfunction, ayurveda erectile dysfunction treatment, erectile dysfunction reasonsMore than 150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction– commonly known as impotence. Many of them seek various treatments; consult health experts and few just live with it thinking that nothing can be much done with it. This condition may cause strained relationships, stress and plummeted self esteem. Impotence is not only a common problem but also treatable. It is very essential to have knowledge about the causes of erectile dysfunction before seeking a treatment. Treating the root cause helps to find a very good solution for this condition.

The ancient medical science Ayurveda describes 10 main reasons for erectile dysfunction. These causes have to be evaluated while treating a patient suffering from this condition. The reasons are explained as follows.

  1. Suppressing the urge of sexual act can be a reason behind impotence. With repeated suppression of such urges the male organ becomes weak and non erectile.
  2. Psychological barriers can also play a big role in paving way for this condition. If a man continues to have a sexual relationship with a woman whom he hates, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. This condition is known as “maanasa napumsakata” or psychological dysfunction in ayurveda.
  3. When a person regularly consumes highly spiced foods which are hot (katu rasa), sour (amla rasa) or salty (lavana Rasa) in taste, it leads to increases in pitta. Increased pitta dosha destroys Shukra dhatu in body. Destruction of shukradhatu leads to erectile dysfunction. Here shukradhatu represents nutrients which are very essential for male reproductive system to function normally.
  4. The fourth reason is when men indulge in frequent sexual act without consuming vajikarana therapy; it leads to “Napumsakatwa” or sexual dysfunction. Repeated ejaculations in a very short time may also lead to this condition. Over indulgence in sexual activities is the main reason for repeated ejaculations. This leads to loss of energy, strength and shukra dhatu. To compensate this loss ayurveda acharyas recommend using Vajikarana Therapy in frequent intervals. This therapy supplies the required nutrients for the production of “shukra dhatu”. The herbs in this therapy provide the energy and strength to male reproductive system to function without any hindrance.
  5. Venereal diseases or STDs , tuberculosis and cancer may also cause impotence.
  6. Injury or trauma to any of the channels of male reproductive system may cause erectile dysfunction. These channels may be nerves, blood vessels or muscle fibers. Such injuries disrupt normal flow of signals, blood or nutrients causing impotence.
  7. When a strong man forcefully suppresses ejaculation or the urge of sexual act to follow celibacy or “Bramhacharya” , his semen gets obstructed and causes sexual dysfunction. This is known as “veeryavarodha napumsakathwa”.
  8. “Ati sthoolatwa” or obesity is another reason for erectile dysfunction. The increased medha dhatu or fat obstructs the production of shukradhatu. Obesity may also lead to increased cholesterol level in blood which eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.
  9. Debilitating disease like diabetes or “Madhu meha” may affect quality of sexual life.
  10. Some people experience erectile dysfunction due to genetic problem. Such dysfunction is known as “sahaja napumsakatwa”. This cannot be treated.

The above mentioned causes have to be evaluated carefully while treating erectile dysfunction based on ayurveda principles. Apart from these use of tobacco in any form, addiction to drugs like marijuana, certain medications and stress also play a great role in causing erectile dysfunction.

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