3 Best Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Supplements for Immunity

In wake of COVID-19 Pandemic ,Department of AYUSH in India recommends to use chyavanprash an ayurvedic supplement to boost immunity.  You can count on these three products which are available even during lockdown

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What is Chyavanprash?

3 best ayurvedic medicines for boosting immune system

The Legend Behind Chyawanprash

What is Chyavanprash?

Ministry of AYUSH recommends to use Ayurvedic medicine “Chyavanprash” to boost immunity. Chyavanprash is an ayurvedic formulation which contains immunity boosting and rejuvenating herbs. Texts of Ayurveda eulogize disease resisting properties of these herbs.

Chyavanprash is in form of a jam or Lehyam or sweet paste. Precious ayurvedic herbs mix is processed in a classical way, which preserves medicinal qualities of herbs. Spices, ghee and honey are used as natural preservatives in this supplement. These Lehyam preparations have a long shelf life.

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As an ayurvedic doctor I recommend Chyavanprash for all age groups. But Chyavanprash is contraindicated  to Diabetic Patients as this contains sweetening agents like honey, raisins , jaggery or sugar.

3 best ayurvedic medicines for boosting immune system

Cureveda Pureprash

Quantity 500 gms;

Price – Rs 645 INR  and Free shipping (as of 1-5-2020)

It is an excellent palatable chyavanprash. When we go through their label the following points can be noted.

  1. Contains organic amla or Indian gooseberry along with ashwagandha, gokshura or gokhru or tribulus, shatavari and has jaggery as sweetening agent.
  2. There is no processed sugar in this.
  3. It is prepared in small batches to retain freshness and manage good quality control.
  4. Does not contain artificial colour or flavour
  5. It does not contain metals and is checked for international standard of toxicity.
  6. Amla or amalaki (indian gooseberry) fruits are sourced during season. (this makes the ayurvedic preparation high in its medicinal qualities)
  7. No sodium benzoate. (Generally, sodium benzoate is used as a preservative).
  8. It is packed in 100% biodegradable packaging and comes in glass bottles which prevents leaching.
  9. It can be used in children and adults (Consult a qualified ayurvedic doctor before using. Click here for free consultations).
  10. It is recommended to build immunity, to fight cough and cold, as a good allergy relief and to manage brain health.
  11. It is packed with Vitamin C which is abundant in amla or amalaki.

Organic Chyawanprash by Organic India

Quantity 500 gms;

Price :- Rs 495


  • This ayurvedic medicine contains high quantity of amla along with other 38 healing herbs. (wow)
  • Among these 38 herbs, Abhaya (Haritaki  / harad / Terminalia Chebula), Amruta (Giloy or guduchi), Bilva, Vidarikand, Punarnava , Chandana (sandal) and Gokshura or Tribbulus play an important role in rejuvenation and strengthening immune system.
  • According to their label it is rich in Vitamin C.
  • When we analyze the list of ayurvedic herbs in this ayurvedic supplement the following actions can be expected
  1. It Rejuvenates body
  2. Boosts immune system
  3. Increases body energy level
  4. Improves body strength.
  5. Helps to fight cough and cold
  6. Can be of great help in bronchitis and asthma.
  • In their website they have mentioned the following
    1. Supports digestion of food
    2. Balances stomach acids
    3. A rich source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and speeds healing
    4. Supports heart function.
    5. Nourishes brain cells and improves coordination and memory
    6. Maintains moisture balance in the lungs
    7. Supports liver function to purify the blood and eliminate toxins
    8. Eases occasional constipation and promotes elimination without taxing the urinary system
    9. Improves skin complexion and increases the absorption of calcium
    10. Organic Chywanprash is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic Herbs
    11. It improves liver function.
    12. Hence they call it “The Elixir of Life”
  • It is packaged in glass jar and this prevents leaching.

Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal Ayurvedic Chyavanaprasam – 500 g

Quantity – 500 gms
Price – Rs 202.15 +80 Delivery charges

A Chyavanprash preparation by ‘ Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal’.

It contains 42 ingredients and many important herbs

  1. Saccharum officinarum (Sugarcane),
  2. Madhu (honey),
  3. Ghritam (ghee),
  4. Tailam (sesame oil),
  5. Kasmari,
  6. Vilwa,
  7. Patala,
  8. Syonaka,
  9. Agnimantha,
  10. Salaparni,
  11. Prisniparni,
  12. Brihati,
  13. Kathilla,
  14. Gokshura (tribulus terrestris),
  15. Bala,
  16. Musta,
  17. Dvijivaka,
  18. Utpala,
  19. Mashaparni,
  20. Mudgaparni,
  21. Pippali (long pepper),
  22. Sringi,
  23. Dvimeda,
  24. Tamalaki,
  25. Truti,
  26. Jivanti,
  27. Draksha (raisins) ,
  28. Pushkara,
  29. Chandana,
  30. Sathi,
  31. Punarnava,
  32. Dvikakoli,
  33. Kakanasa,
  34. Amrita (giloy),
  35. Abhaya (haritaki) ,
  36. Vidari, (vidarikanda)
  37. Vrishamula,
  38. Dhatriphala (amalaki or amla),
  39. Thukaksheeri,
  40. Twak Cinnamon),
  41. Patra (bay leaf),
  42. Nagakesara
    • Draksha or Vitis vinifera or Grapes  Grapes are recommended by ayurveda acharyas in treatment of respiratory disorders, asthma, loss of memory and to improve digestion
    • Amla or Indian gooseberry – Amla is praised for its detox qualities of expelling ama (body toxins) and , balancing all three doshas.  It is an excellent remedy for respiratory health improvement. It acts as rejuvenator, anti-ageing and slows down ageing process.
    • Pushkar moola – It is recommended in treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases. It also helps in weight management, acts as aphrodisiac and strengthens body.
    • Bilva or Bael is Aegle marmelos. – Ayurveda acharyas recommend bilva to improve in body metabolism, digestion and to strengthen respiratory system. It is one of dashamoolas.
    • Pippali or Long pepper procured from Assam and Bengal. – It is eulogized in texts of Ayurveda for its rejuvenating, anti-ageing properties. Many vaidyas recommend to use this in asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases.
  • This company is 117 years old and give utmost importance to classical ayurvedic treatment and preparations.
  • This preparation follows the guidelines mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts

The Legend Behind Chyawanprash

Chyavana Maharshi was son of a sage Bhrugu Maharshi. Once he was lost in meditation and Dhyana (tapas) for many years. Shrubs and climbers grew around him and covered him completely except his eyes. Once the princess of that territory came to woods and saw 2 glittering eyes of chyavana,  hidden behind bushes. She mistook them as insects and pricked them with a thorn. Chyavana became blind and in rage he cursed the princess and king to suffer from blockage of natural urges.  King realized the mistake done by his daughter and asked his daughter to marry Chyavan as a penance to the misdeed. She agreed and married the sage and was loyal to him.

Once Ashwin Kumaras who were royal physicians of Lord Indra happen to see this couple. They prepared a medicine which contained magical herbs and made chyavan to consume that. This medicine is “chyavan prash”, which made old and blind chyavana to a young and well-sighted man.

Ayurvedic Medicine Review by Dr.Savitha Suri

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