4 Smart Ways to Lose Weight Fast– Adopted by our patients

4 Smart Ways to Lose Weight Fast– Adopted by our patients

smart ways to lose weight fast , ayurvedic way to reduce weight6 months back our panel of doctors decided to educate their patients about health risks which surface due to obesity or over weight. Many of them were suffering from pre diabetic symptoms, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, High blood pressure, low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Considerable number of teenagers and young adults also suffered from obesity.

After innumerable sessions of personal counselling our doctors succeeded in convincing patients to reduce body weight to keep up their health. The three simple tips were formulated based on ayurvedic way to lose weight. These were advised to patients.

  1. Reduce quantity of sugar, oil and salt from the diet. (these increased medha dhatu or body fat and water content in body)
  2. Increase physical activity. (vyayama or more physical activity help to reduce medhas or body fat)
  3. Include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and minor millets in diet. (these are light to digest and increase agni or rate of metabolism)

Here is the list of easy ways which they adopted to reduce their weight successfully by implementing these tips.

Sameera a house wife says “ I started accompanying my teenage daughter to her school which is one kilometre away from my home. We stopped hiring auto and we walked all the way together. This helped both of us to lose weight and save auto charges. With this altered regimen I walked 4 kilometres a day and my daughter covered 2 kilometres . My daughter’s craving for fast foods has stopped.”

Farida Begum who lives in a joint family had adopted different method. She explains “ we used rice, meat and eggs in our daily diet. Vegetables hardly found a place on our plates. But we determined to make a change in diet since all in our family were obese. We substituted rice with minor millets like ragi and prepared oil less chapatis of whole wheat. Compulsorily we consume vegetarian diet thrice in a week . This change itself has helped us to reduce around 4 kgs of weight in 6 weeks”

Bhanumathi a working woman had a different story to tell. “I started sweeping and mopping the floor (which was earlier done by my maid servant) after coming back from office. It almost took 30 minutes to clean the house. But it was a fantastic exercise and had a complete satisfaction of cleaning the house. This alone helped me to shred extra bulge. Now my dress size has reduced from XXL to L. I look 10 years younger than my counterparts (grin).”

David Prabhakar a bank employee narrated how a little change helped him to lose weight. “ I used to have daily lunch in a nearby hotel which included a sweet, 2 subzis, poori, dal and rice. I discontinued thali meals and switched over to simple meals which included only 2 rotis , subzi and raita. I started walking in office corridor whenever I had a break. This transition changed my body weight. Now my waist line has reduced by 1 inch. “

Now weight loss is not an impossible task. If you have adopted any easy method to lose weight please share with us. Let us together fight obesity.