5 Important Signs of Hypoglycemia or Low blood sugar

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5 Important Signs of Hypoglycemia or Low blood sugar

ayurvedic remedy for hypoglycemiaIn diabetic patients, when blood sugar level goes down they experience many unusual symptoms. This condition of low blood sugar is known as hypoglycemia. There are 5 important symptoms which are usually experienced when blood sugar level plummets. They are explained below.

  1. The first sign of low blood sugar is feeling suddenly weak or shaky. Weakness of arms, legs, trembling and being jittery are other symptoms. This means it is time to eat.
  2. Our minds react to low blood sugar level. Emotional instability, frustrations, anger and irritations are psychological symptoms which are experienced during hypoglycemia.
  3. Sweating even when it is not hot is another typical symptom of low blood sugar level. The cold sweat indicates that body is struggling hard to carry its normal functions.
  4. Nausea and extreme hunger are other symptoms exhibited during low blood sugar level.
  5. During hypoglycemia a feeling of void is experienced. Slurred speech and confusions may follow this symptom. It becomes hard for others to follow conversations done during this time.

Consuming sugar or chocolates help to recover from these symptoms immediately. But a well balanced diet has to be eaten immediately to prevent repeated sugar crash.

Regularity in consuming diabetic medications is very important to prevent frequent fluctuations in blood sugar level. Healthy diet, healthy weight and good exercises help to keep these fluctuations under control. There are various herbs which help to reduce the incidences of hypoglycemia. But these have to be used as adjuvenant therapies along with regular diabetic medications.

Varying levels of sugar in blood can cause heart problems, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, peripheral neuropathy and kidney problems.