5 Types of Vayu

types of vayu in ayurvedaAccording to the texts of ayurveda vata dosha even though located in intestines it moves through all organs and tissues of body . According to its functions and locations vata dosha is subdivided into 5 more types. They are

·  Pranavayu, - moves from external environment into body through sense organs and orifices present in upper part of body. It helps in inspiration, gulping food, hearing sounds and receiving external stimulus etc.

·  Udana vayu – Does the opposite of praanavayu – expiration, reflex actions, speech etc. Both prana vayu and udana vayu are located in upper part of body (mainly throat).

·  Vyana vayu – It helps in movement of blood from heart to other parts of body through arteries and movement of food from stomach to intestines and absorption of it. It is located in center of body.

·  Samana vayu – It is spread all over body and helps to bring back blood to heart through veins, It helps in digestion .

·  Apana vayu – It is located in pelvic area (urinary bladder, groin, testicles,etc) and helps in discharge of urine, feces, flatus, semen, fetus, menstrual blood etc. It cleanses the body and keeps the vata in balance.

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