8 Things That Destroy Sperms and Lower Sperm Counts

8 Things That Destroy Sperms and Lower Sperm Counts

things that destroy spermMen are more worried about quantity of sperm rather than quality. Low quality of sperms causes male infertility. Around 15 percent of couples are unable to conceive a child after a year or more of unprotected sex due to male infertility. There are various causes which destroy healthy sperms. Avoiding these causes and improving lifestyles can help to improve sperm count and lower the incidences of male infertility. Here are eight things that men may not realize are destroying their sperm count:Let us know What kills sperm in man.

  1. Smoking : Smoking tobacco accelerates aging process and reduce healthy sperm count. Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction and interfere with blood supply to testicles which produce sperm. Studies have shown that smoking can damage sperm DNA, lower sperm cont and reduce their motility. The success rate of IVF plummets when you smoke. Quitting smoking improves the condition and increases sperm count.

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Alcohol : Drinking in modeartion may not cause harm. But Alcohol can reduce a man’s testosterone levels, leading to loss of libido. Liver meatbolises Vitamin A which is required for the production of healthy sperms. Alcohol, which directly affects liver interferes with the metabolism of Viatmin A and this affects the quality of sperms. Alcohol is toxic to the testes and can cause improper development of sperms. Alcohol can kill the capcity of testes to produce sperm. Thus alcohol kills man’s sperm count

what kills sperm cells in a man, what kills a man's sperm count,

Bicycling: In a study it has been found that men bicycling more than five hours per week had a lower sperm concentration than either sedentary men or those doing other types of exercise. It’s also interesting that the association with the lower sperm counts was not affected by the patient’s age or weight.

Hot Sauna : Overheating of testicles due to increased temperature in sauna or hot water bath tub interferes with production of sperms. Texts of Ayurveda recommend to place a wet and cold loin cloth on genitals before entering sauna or steam rooms.

Stress : Stress and anxiety can have a damaging effect on our overall health, including male fertility. Stress can be due to job, family, finance etc. Increased stress reduce testosterone hormone and this inturn reduce quality and quantity of sperms.

Lap tops: Lap tops when kept on laps can overheat testicles and damage sperms. Even the Wi-fi connection can damage the sperms and make it less motile.

Pesticides: Exposure to pesticides has been implicated in a variety of health complications, including birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and even decreased sperm count. Wash vegetables and fruits very well before consuming.

Plastic bottles and low sperm count : Xenoestrogen are a type of synthetic compounds which have estrogenic effect on living organism. These chemicals enter our body through pesticides, use of plastics and plastic bottles, chemicals and other pollutants. Xenoestrogens lower the level of testosterone and reduce sperm count in men.

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