Ample of water a day can keep doctor away

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Ample of water a day can keep doctor away

water health benefits, water ayurvedaWater is the major constituent of our body. It is considered as macronutrient by nutritionists. It is very essential to keep our body well hydrated to maintain the normal body functions. Apart from this water can be wisely used to keep our body healthy and to prevent many health conditions. Texts of ayurveda eulogize medicinal properties of water while explaining the solutions for various diseases. Ayurveda acharyas explain the health benefits of warm water, boiled water and plain water. Here are few health benefits of water.

•Drinking 2 liters of water per day helps to detoxify skin and reduces eruption of acne and pimples.
•A good supply of water to body slows down aging process of skin and prevents formation of wrinkles.
•Drinking warm water helps in softening of dry scaly skin. Consumption of warm water also reduces flaring of psoriasis.
•Well hydrated skin never tends to dry. This is a good home remedy for people who suffer from dry skin conditions.

•Drinking sufficient water helps to keep headaches at bay.
•Consuming warm water regularly can prevent repeated migraine attacks.

Joint pains and fever
•Dehydration of joint spaces can lead to pain in joints. Drinking water in plenty help to reduce joint pain
•Warm water therapy is advised by ayurveda acharyas in conditions like arthritis.According to principles of ayurveda warm water digests the toxins and helps to expel them.
•A good supply of water to body reduces back pain.Water hydrates the soft tissues which cushion the joint spaces and eases the joint movement. This reduces pain.
•Consumption of warm water during fever accelerates our body defense mechanism to fight the disease causing pathogens.

Other health benefits
•Drinking the water stored in copper vessel can help in male infertility.
•Drinking boiled water protect us from many contagious diseases.
•Drinking sufficient water helps in weight loss.
•Drinking a glass of warm water before going to bed and after getting up early in the morning relieves constipation .

These are few health benefits of water which are picked up from the long list. Let drinking water become an inseparable part of your daily routine. Harness the innumerable health benefits by just drinking 2 liters of water spread over a day.