5 Best Ayurvedic Anti-Stretch Marks Cream

Basically, stretch mark is just the common name for scarred connective tissue that stretches with a rapid weight gain. These are commonly found on the belly, buttocks and upper legs. This creates the appearance of striae or lines. These marks are very common in pregnancy. Some of the most popular products, that help to reduce these marks are the ayurvedic anti-stretch mark creams.

These creams usually contain vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3 as well as aloevera, grapefruit seed extracts, essential oils, saffron, castor root extract etc. They help to reduce the appearance of scarring. With the consistent application of these creams you will be able to see significant reduction of stretch marks. There are numerous benefits of ayurvedic anti-stretch mark creams. These are:

These creams help to diminish existing stretch marks. Especially in those areas which are hard to target with traditional exercises.

These improve the smooth and soft look of the body.

They are very simple to apply. Just follow the directions included with the cream.

These creams also help to restore the elasticity of skin.

They help to reduce the intensity of striae on the abdomen during pregnancy. These creams can be used , when you are on a weight loss regimen after delivery.

Here we have selected 5 Best Ayurvedic Natural anti-stretch marks creams, after analysing reviews, popularity and rating.

A quick Look at Ayurvedic anti stretch marks creams

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#1 Bio-Oil 200 ml (Specialist Skin Care Oil – Scars, Stretch Mark, Ageing, Uneven Skin Tone)

Ingredients : Chamomile, Calendula, Rosemary, Lavender, Vitamins A and E to give you beautiful healthy looking skin. It also contains the unique PurCellin OilTM that ensures Bio-Oil gets easily absorbed into the skin.

How to use Bio-oil during pregnancy ?

Start using twice a day from second trimester ( 4th month) and continue till few months post delivery to minimize appearance of stretch marks. On existing marks visible difference within 3 weeks of use, continue application for 2 months to see best results

# 2 Aadya Life Sciences LLP – Chloasma Care Cream – Helps with Hyperpigmentation, Stretch marks, Blemishes (Pack of 2)

Ingredients : Neem (azadirachta indica)Haldi (curcuma longa or turmeric) , extracts of ginger , AloeveraVetiver oil,  Tea tree oil , lemon oil (citrus lemon) .

How to use Aadya Life Sciences LLP – Chloasma Care Cream

Apply this cream 2 times gently on affected area or as directed by the physician.

# 3 Blue Nectar Stretch Mark and Scar Body Lotion Cream

Ingredients : Aloevera , Saffron (Kesar),  Mulethi ( Yashti Madhu) , ashwagandha, Turmeric, Shea butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa butter, Nalpamaradi Oil, jojoba butter, almond butter, kokum butter, cream base and rose essential oil.

How to Use Blue Nectar Stretch Mark and Scar NIRAA Body Lotion Cream ?

NIRAA Body Lotion for Scars and Stretch Marks could help incase of Stretch Mark on thighs, Stretch Mark on Abdomen, Stretch Mark on hips or calves. Due to its high effective ingredients, this should be applied on all the areas where marks and blemishes are imminent or already there. Leave for 30 min and wipe off with a hot towel. For best results, use in morning and evening for 3 months.

# 4 The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter (100 g) for Stretch Marks

Ingredients : Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, wheatgerm oil, sea buckthorn oil, coconut oil, almond oil, orange oil, rosehip oil.

How to use The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter ?

Massage this luxurious butter twice a day on stretching belly, hips, breasts and any other part of the body that needs nourishment. In pregnancy ideally, apply from the 3rd month of pregnancy and continue using it till 6 months after pregnancy. Use this Natural Stretch Oil every day in the morning after bath, in the afternoon and at night before going to bed.

# 5 Namyaa Natural Science Body Toning, Sculpting , Wonder Oil For Scars and Stretch Mark

Ingredients : Sesame oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran oil, ashwagandha, turmeric, bala (sida cardifolia), rose flower oil, Vitamin E, geranium oil, lemon grass oil, turmeric.

How to Use Namyaa Natural Science Body Toning, Sculpting , Wonder Oil ?

Apply this oil, all over body twice daily.