6 Best Ayurvedic Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

It is very important for ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoos to contain anti-microbial and cleansing herbs which are mentioned in ayurveda. Here is the list of best 8 anti dandruff  shampoos which contain these herbs

Dandruff occurs when newer skin cells push your old scalp skin cells off the scalp. It can cause social embarrassment . The causes of dandruff are several,  like extreme weather conditions, unhygienic way of maintaining scalp health, hormonal imbalances etc.

We have already discussed about best ayurvedic oils for dandruff and flaky scalp previously. Let us know about ayurvedic anti-dandruff hair wash or shampoo.

These days, the market is flooded with various types of anti-dandruff shampoos. Many of these shampoos may contain harmful chemicals which may be harsh on your scalp and exaggerate the condition. Hence ayurvedic experts recommend to use ayurvedic anti-dandruff hair wash.

Why you should use ayurvedic antidandruff shampoo ?

  • They render the best protection to the scalp.
  • These are free from harmful chemicals and contain natural ingredients.
  • They are smooth on hair health.
  • Help in the reduction of dandruff in a safe manner.
  • They usually contain natural anti-microbial herbs like neem, tulsi, amla (indian gooseberry), turmeric , aloevera etc
  • These also contain Reetha the natural herbal cleanser as ingredient. This helps to cleanse the hair naturally.

8 Best Ayurveda shampoos for dandruff and flaky scalp

#1 Urban Essence Onion Shampoo For Healthy Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

Manufacturer Urban Essence

Ingredients : Onion , Curry Leaf, Aloe Vera , Brahmi , Neem Leaf , Green Tea , Manjistha , Alkanet Root , Oat Kernel, Haritaki , Coffee  and China Rose

Benefits: According to Urban Essence- This shampoo is-

  • It repairs, strengthens and helps to get rid of dandruff.
  • Helps dry,damaged, and dehydrated hair. Helping to get rid of dandruff
  • Reduces hair fall and makes hair stronger & thicker
  • helps to keep your scalp healthy and free of infection, promoting hair growth.
  • Stimulates hair follicles and nourishes them
  • It is Safe for chemically treated hair.

#2 Emeveta Herbal Aloe Vera Neem Shampoo

Manufactured by Emeveta

Ingredients: mehendi leaves, amla, haritaki, vibhitaki, neem, Retha, aloevera and shikakai.

Benefits –

  • This shampoo acts as both hair cleanser and hair conditioner
  • It contains “keshya” or hair friendly herbs like amla, haritaki, vibhitaki.
  • It also has natural conditioner aloevera and mehendi
  • Contains Herbal cleansers Reetha and shikakai.
  • Neem, the best ingredient with anti-microbial properties helps to reduce dandruff.
  • Fights Hair Loss.
  • Keeps hair rejuvenated, revitalized, healthy.
  • Helps to enrich the hair and nourishes it with nutrients to repair the damage.
  • Suitable for all types of hairs.

 #3 Biotique Bio Neem Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Manufactured by Biotique

Ingredients : Margosa (neem), Bhringaraj, euphorbia and Reetha


  • This refreshing formula blends the natural sap of the neem and euphorbia trees with the bhringraj herb to control dandruff.
  • Eliminates the dryness, flaking and itching associated with dandruff.
  • Special pH balanced formula is gentle enough for use every day.
  • Leaves hair fresh, lustrous and full of natural body.
  • Neem Margosa is an anti- dandruff shampoo and conditioner
  • Suitable For All hair Types;
  • 100 percent natural and organic; Natural pH balance. Ideal For Men & Women
  • Eliminates dryness, flaking and itching

 #4 WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo,

Manufactured by WOW


  1. It is Chemical & SLS Free; Sulphate Free; Paraben Free
  2. Best kept ancient skin and hair care secret, used for hundreds of years
  3. Concentrated all Natural Apple Cider Vinegar –

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar – Fresh – Apple cider vinegar encourages healthy hair growth helps hair retain more moisture helping to prevent split ends. Helps dandruff, itchy and dry scalp – apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help this condition, by gently unclogging the crusts that form around follicles. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of hair and scalp, stimulating better circulation to the hair follicles, which in turn strengthens hair roots.

# 5 Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Manufactured by Indulekha

Ingredients : Bhringaraj, Amla, Tulsi, Neem, Rosemary, Shikakai and Madayantika


  • Helps restore the natural goodness of your hair, improve hair health and reduce hairfall.
  • Bhringraj herb in Ayurveda is also called as Keshraj or “King of hair. It is known for its medicinal properties of reviving and regenerating new hair.
  • Amla strengthens hair follicles and prevents premature greying
  • Tulsi improves blood circulation in scalp, promotes hair growth & prevents hair thinning.
  • Neem Helps in reducing hair fall and enhances the rate of hair growth. It has anti-microbial properties to fight dandruff.
  • Madhyantika (Heena) improves overall hair health, prevents hair breakage and increase the shine of hair.
  • Shikakai:- Shikakai acts as a natural cleanser, strengthens hair roots, gives stronger and healthier hair
  • Rosemary oil:- Rosemary oil promotes hair growth. It is an excellent ingredient for nourishing the hair follicles and soothing the scalp

#6 Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Neemactiv Neem and Reetha Anti Dandruff Shampoo,

Manufacturer – Lotus

Ingredients – Neem, Reetha

Benefits :

  • It contains anti-microbial neem and will help in dandruff.
  • Reetha acts as natural cleanser and conditioner for hair.
  • According to manufacture Neem helps relieve dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and reetha makes the hair silky, shiny and stronger, thus encouraging

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How to use shampoo?

A number of people just slop shampoo onto their heads without paying attention to the correct way of applying it. But it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Always ensure that hair is tangle free before shampooing. Before washing brush hair with head upside down to remove dust and impurities.
  • Always shampoo gently, using fingertips to work up the lather.
  • Start lathering the scalp first. The grease and dirt accumulates here.
  • Continue lathering moving towards end.
  • Do not pile hair on top of head; let it hang naturally. This enables the lather to work its own way down from the roots to the ends.
  • For long hair, shampoo the scalp and then divide the hair into sections.
  • Gently massage each section downwards, root to tip, between the palms of hands.

Washing out shampoo:

  • Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Hot water dries both scalp and hair. A shower is the best way of washing out the shampoo.
  • Should any shampoo remain unwashed it will cause dryness of the scalp. Don’t rub hair while rinsing.
  • Wet hair is very fragile. Let the water flow through.
  • After a shampoo, leave hair loose for a while until it is completely dry, as excess sweat or moisture can damage it.
  • Give hair a final rinse with cold water to stimulate blood circulation and to close the pores.
  • Take into accounts the type of water. If salty, mix one or two pinches of washing soda (sodium carbonate) to the bucket. This will soften water which would otherwise leave a dulling deposit on the hair.

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