Ayurveda Definition of Majja Dhatu ( Bone marrow )

Majja Dhatu is the 6th tissue in list of seven important dhatus ( Saptha dhatu ) described in ayureveda. Majja dhatu is compared to bone marrow. This dhatu fills cavities of bones. Ayurveda acharyas consider brain, as majja or mastulunga as it fills skull. Even the tissue inside eyes is called majja.

Based on principles of ayurveda this dhatu is formed and nourished by asthi dhatu or bone tissue. The constituent elements of majja are water (ap) and earth (pruthvi). The functions of this tissue are controlled by kapha dosha.  Bone marrow of animals is used for in various ayurvedic treatments. Its qualities are considered as equal to oil, ghee , lard and tallow.

Formation of majja dhatu

“Karoti tatra sousheeryam astinaam madhye sameeranah
medasas taani poorayante sneho majja tatah smritah “

During the formation of asthi dhatu or bone, vayu bhuta or air element (one of 5 basic elements or pancha mahabhuta) creates spaces in bones. These spaces are filled with nourishing tissues of medha or fat which help in formation of majja or bone marrow.

Ayurveda acharyas emphasise that, for a healthy bone marrow , its predecessor dhatu asthi or bone should be healthy and devoid of dosha imbalances. If bone tissue is diseased by doshas, then bone marrow also gets affected by doshas and diseases .

Functions of majja dhatu:

“Majja sneham balam shukra pushtim pooranam astinaamcha karoti “

It nourishes body and helps to maintain its functions. Majja dhatu strengthens body, fills bones and nourishes shukra dhatu (semen ).

Majja Vriddhi lakshana ( Symptoms of increased majja dhatu )

1. Netra gaurava – feeling of heaviness in eyes
2. Anga gourava – feeling of heaviness of body
3. Parwa stoulya – clubbing of fingers

Majja Kshaya Lakshana ( Symptoms of decreased majja dhatu )

1. Asthi sousheerya (osteoporosis)
2. Bhrama (vertigo)
3. Timira darshana ( blurring of vision)

Signs of Healthy and Balanced Majja Dhatu

Ayurveda acharyas explain the signs and looks of a person who has healthy and balanced majja dhatu or bone marrow. These are mentioned as “Majja Sara Purusha Lakshana” in texts of Ayurveda .

Healthy and balanced majja dhatu bestows the following benefits.

  1. That person will be having soft and flexible body . ( mrudu anga )
  2. He/She will be strong physically and mentally. Their immunity will be at its best and they having best stress coping up methods. ( balavanta )
  3. Their skin texture and complexion will be soft and glowing.
  4. They will be owners of captivating voice.
  5. Joints of these persons will be strong, round and flexible.
  6. They will be lucky go persons with attractive large eyes.
  7. Learning capacity, Memory and concentration will be at their peak for these persons.
  8. They are highly fertile and produce healthy offsprings.

How to Keep Majja Dhatu Healthy and Balanced ?

To keep majja dhatu balanced and healthy, one can consider the following tips. These tips help to balance doshas and keep the predecessor dhatus healthy.

  1. Follow dinacharya or ayurvedic daily routine and rutucharya or ayurvedic seasonal routine.
  2. Eat balanced meals which are rich , nutritious and favourable to your body constitution or prakruti.
  3. Strictly follow a healthy sleep pattern and do not sleep in day or awake all night.
  4. Keep indigestion and constipation at bay.
  5. Drink plenty of water .
  6. Undergo ayurvedic detox or panchakarma treatment once a year.

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