Ayurveda description of Medha Dhatu ( Body fat )

meda dhatu, medha dhatu,medha dhatu ayurveda“Swatejombu gunaasnigdho drktam medhobhijayate”

Medha dahtu (body fat) is formed from mamsa dhatu (muscles). The nutrients required to form medha dhatu are present in mamsa dhatu. These nutrients get metabolized with water and form medha dahtu. Medha dahtu is snigdha (oily) and soft .

Functions of medha dahtu

“medah snehaswedou pustimastnanncha karoti ”

  • Because of medha dhatu the body looks soft and fair.
  • It gives a good shape to body.
  • It helps to produce sweat and keeps the body skin moist.
  • It prevents drying of skin It strengthens the body and provides energy It nourishes the next dhatu asthi ( bone ) It protects internal organs by providing them a cushioning effect.
  • It controls body temperature.

What happens when meda dhatu increases? ( Increase in body fat )

  • Increased medha dhatu causes tiredness .Even a slight exertion causes dyspnoea.
  • Buttocks, breast and abdomen get enlarged and they become pendulous.
  • It leads to athisthoulyata (obesity)

Effects of athisthoulyata ( effects of obesity ) -increase medha dhatu

  • Lifespan Reduces.
  • Body resistance to diseases reduces.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Inability to perform intercourse due to impotence.
  • Quantity of semen reduces.
  • Weakness,Increased sweating and offensive body odor,
  • Increased appetite and thirst.

Causes of athisthoulyata ( reasons for obesity )

  • Overeating Increased use of sweets, oily foods and cold foods.
  • Sedentary work.
  • Sexual inactiveness
  • Sleeping in afternoons ,Stress free life, Hereditary.

How can we reduce body fat. Consuming dry foods Fasting Eating very little quantity of food Exercising well Avoiding afternoon sleep, Old age and chronic illness cause reduction of body fat.


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