Ayurveda Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Studies show that cinnamon helps in weight loss and to reduce levels of insulin and blood sugar.  Ideal way to consume this spice is to use cinnamon ayurvedic tea .

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Introduction to cinnamon

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Cinnamon

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Cinnamon

Ayurvedic Home remedies with cinnamon

Cinnamon Tea – An Ayurvedic Recipe

Introduction to cinnamon

Cinnamon is a medicinal spice obtained from the bark of a cinnamon tree from the Cinnamomum genus of the Lauraceae family. The tree of cinnamon is usually found at a different part of the world and grows to the height of ten to fifteen feet. After a thorough research of all the cinnamon around the world, SriLanka’s cinnamon is studied to be the best spice for its sweet taste and inviting aroma.

The leaves of this tree is also used as spice and is known as tamala patra or tejpatta . The cinnamon sticks are used in both sweets and spicy foods. It enhances flavour and taste of food.

Chemical constituents of cinnamon

Cinnamaldehyde, Eugenol, Benzaldehyde, Methyl amyl ketone, Phellandrene, Pinene, Cymene, Linalool, Cumic, Aldehyde, Caryophyllene, safrole, Methyl evgenol, Borneol, Cinnamyl alcohol, Cinnzeylanin, Cinnzeylanol,(-) epicatechin, Cinnacassiol D1 etc.

Cinnamon has different names in India.

In Hindi Dalchini, in English Cinnamon, in Telugu  Lavanga patta,in Tamil Ilayangam, in Bengali Daruchini, in Gujarati Taja, in kannada dalchini or chakke

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has various names in Ayurveda. Few are given here

  1. Twak – Since The bark of the tree is used for medicinal purpose
  2. Utkata – As it has very sharp aroma
  3. Daaru Sita– It gets this name because bark tastes sweet
  4. Svadvi – Bark has sweet taste
  5. Mukha shodhya, Mukhashodhana – it fight bad odour of mouth and cleanses oral cavity
  6. Vanapriya – grows  in forest
  7. Saimhalam – originated from Sri Lanka,
  8. Utkata, Bahugandha, Gandhavalka – It has a strong fragrance

Texts of ayurveda explain medicinal properties of cinnamon as follows.

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Cinnamon

According to ayurveda cinnamon is light to digest (laghu), and hot in potency (ushna veerya). This spice absorbs more water during digestion and retains spicy taste after digestion. This causes dryness of body tissues (ruksha). It is spicy (katu rasa) and sweet (madhura rasa) with a hint of bitter taste (tikta rasa).

This bark when used as medicine alleviates vata dosha and kapha dosha. But increases pitta dosha.

Cinnamon stem bark, leaves and its oil are used for medicinal purposes.

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Cinnamon

Ayurveda acharyas explain medicinal uses and benefits of cinnamon as follows.

Best spice for detox

This spice improves agni (digestion power or body fire) and helps to digest and eliminate ama or body toxin. Hence it is praised as “vishapaha and amahara” . Cinnamon tea is ideal to use while undergoing ayurvedic body detox.

Helps in In Respiratory Problems

It is useful to relieve symptoms of common cold and cough. This spice helps in expectoration of kapha in productive cough. Hence it is known as “peenasahara and kaphakasahara

This spice is very helpful in diseases of lungs. It is effectively used in productive cough to relieve chest congestion. Texts of Ayurveda recommend using cinnamon oil in tuberculosis and other diseases of lungs.

Useful in Oral Cavity Problems

Dalchini helps to reduce foul breath, cleans oral cavity, reduces mouth ulcers and relieves throat pain.

Best used in problems of digestive system.

Ayurveda acharyas recommend this bark in indigestion, flatulence and bloating. It reduces stomach pain and relieves discomfort due to indigestion. It increases appetite and improves taste. It is a best remedy for painful haemorrhoids or piles. Also helps to relieve nausea and vomiting.

Helps in weight Loss

This spice alleviates kapha. Medha dhatu or body fat reduces as kapha gets decreased. Hence cinnamon can be effectively used for weight loss. In male infertility due to obesity , cinnamon helps to reduce obesity  (Read Obesity and Low sperm count ) . It also helps in erectile dysfunction due to obesity

Helps in Diabetes Management

Cinnamon is very helpful in diabetes. It helps to control fluctuating blood sugar levels. Hence can be used in erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

Accelerates wound healing

It cleanses wounds and eliminates worms and infection. It also relieves itching and rashes.

Cinnamon for PCOS

Since it manages blood sugar level and also helps in weight management, it is an ideal kitchen spice for PCOS or PCOD. Since it increases pitta, it initiates menstrual cycle.

In Cystitis and UTI

This herb helps to cleanse bladder and urinary tract. Hence recommended in cystitis and UTI. It eases urine flow and reduces inflammation.

Ayurvedic Home remedies with cinnamon

Prepare Cinnamon oil For wound healing and insect bites:

Mix 3-4 drops of cinnamon oil in 20 ml of coconut oil or any other carrier oil of your choice. Apply this externally on wounds or insect bites. It cleanses the stinged area or wound and relieves pain.

To boost strength of gums and teeth

Chewing pieces of cinnamon bark helps to keep mouth fresh and prevents bad breath odour. Or else the same oil mentioned above can be used to massage gums and teeth.

Cinnamon Pennis massage oil for ED and PE

Mix 3-4 drops of cinnamon oil in 20 ml of sesame oil. Store this ayurvedic penis massage oil in a dropper. Use this to massage penis before sexual act. This helps to improve blood circulation and to last long in bed.

Cinnamon Tea – An Ayurvedic Recipe

Cinnamon is best used as a tea. Take 2 cups of water. Break 3 inch long Ceylon Cinnamon stick into small pieces. Add these pieces to water and boil it in medium flame till the water reduces to half cup. Allow it to warm down. Use it as mentioned below in various health conditions.

Cinnamon Ayurvedic Tea for PCOS

Cinnamon can be used in female infertility due to PCOS to get pregnant. Usually in women with PCOS there will be an increase in insulin level and also blood sugar level. Studies have shown that continuous use of cinnamon for 40 days help to reduce insulin and blood sugar level. Since this tea also helps in weight loss it is very ideal ayurvedic home remedy for PCOS

Texts of Ayurveda eulogize the benefits of cinnamon in female infertility. Ayurveda acharyas recommend to use this herb along with other herbs like Ashoka, Lodhra, Yashad Bhasma, Bitter Gourd (karela) , Shilajit and turmeric.

Cinnamon tea also help in irregular periods which occurs due to PCOS. This spice can be added in ayurvedic diet for PCOS . This tea can be consumed along with soy or soybean to increase effectiveness of ingredients in controlling PCOS.

Dose: Prepare cinnamon tea as mentioned above and Squeeze ½ lime and 1/2 tea spoon of fresh ginger juice. You can also add 1/4 tea spoon of turmeric for added benefits.  Sip this delicious tea for quick weight loss

Cinnamon Tea for Weight Loss:

Cinnamon tea helps to lose weight. Based on principles of Ayurveda imbalanced kapha dosha increases medha dhatu or body fat. This herb has hot potency and helps in kapha balance and reduction of body fat. It normalises metabolism and prevents indigestion. Ayurveda acharyas consider this as an ayurvedic herb for obesity. Hence ayurvedic doctors preferably added cinnamon in Ayurvedic Herbal Weight Loss Teas. Drinking two cups of this herbal tea daily helps to reduce body weight. Add honey as sweetening agent to get extra health benefits and quick weight loss.

Dose: Prepare cinnamon tea as mentioned above and Squeeze ½ lemon and add a tea spoon of honey when it is just warm. Sip this delicious tea for quick weight loss

Cinnamon Tea for Cough:

A warm cup of this tea soothes the throat and relieves the irritation. It helps to expectorate the sputum and pacifies cough. Based on principles of Ayurveda cinnamon alleviates kapha and reduces chest congestion. Hence it is used in the preparation “sitopaladi choorna” which is preferably recommended by ayurvedic doctors for cough.

Cinnamon Tea for Diabetes:

Various studies have shown that this wonderful bark helps to reduce blood sugar level. Hence its tea can be comfortably used in diabetes to control the blood sugar level. But do not add sugar or honey to this tea. People who are obese and have a tendency to get diabetes can reap the benefits of cinnamon to reduce the weight and prevent incidences of diabetes. Hence ayurvedic doctors recommend AYURVEDIC WEIGHT LOSS TEA which contains cinnamon, for diabetics who are obese.

Dose: Squeeze ½ lime when it is just warm. Do not add honey. Consume this twice daily for desired results.

Cinnamon Tea for Erectile Dysfunction:

Ayurveda acharyas describe this bark as Vajikara herb. This means it boosts sexual energy and helps to improve sexual function. Men can derive various benefits of this herb. Since it helps in diabetes it can be used in Erectile Dysfunction due to diabetes. The weight loss properties of cinnamon coupled with sexual energy boosting properties helps in erectile dysfunction due to obesity. Hence it is considered as effective ayurvedic herb for erectile dysfunction


Persons with migraine related to pitta, should refrain from using this herb. It may flare up migraine.

This is not a good herb to use in male infertility except in conditions like obesity and diabetes related male infertility.

Author : Dr. Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician


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