Ayurveda Health benefits Uses of Lajjalu – Mimosa Pudica

health benefits of mimosa pudica, health benefits of sensitive plantAyurveda explains health benefits and uses of lajjalu or mimosa pudica. It is mainly used in female health disorders, diarrhoea, bronchitis and impotence.

The plant lajjalu which is described in ayurveda has been identified as Mimosa Pudica (sensitive plant). This plant has different names or synonyms like

Sanskrit : Namaskari, Shamipathra, Rekta Paadi, etc., in hindi chhuimui paudha, in tamil tottalavadi, in kannada muttidare muni gida or nachike gida, in bengali lajjavati, in gujarati reesamani, in english sensitive plant or touch me not plant

Ayurveda health benefits and uses of sensitive plant or touch me not plant

In ayurvedic texts it has been described as
sparshaat sankochataam yaati punashcha prasruta bhavet ” -a plant which folds itself when touched and spreads its leaves once again after a while. Shushrutha has placed this plant in “Priyangwadi and ambhastadi “ gana.

Ayurveda medicinal Properties of lajjalu:

Lajjalu or sensitive plant has bitter taste ( tikta rasa ) and astringent taste( kashaya rasa ) . It acts as body coolant or cold (sheeta) in nature. Mimosa pudika plant is very lite to digest (laghu) and dries up body tissues (rooksha). Due to these qualities it balances vitiated kapha dosha and pitta dosha.

Lajjalu (Sanskrit )-Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica) – Uses

The whole plant is used for medicinal purpose. Usually leaves, flowers, stems, roots and fruits (Punchaangha = 5 parts of plants) are used as medicines. But the root is used mainly used.

Female health disorders like PCOS:

It is mainly used in herbal preparations for gynecological disorders. This plant is effective in female health disorders like excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle, menopause or in PCOS/PCOD  (read Pcos/pcod medicines in ayurveda) . Lajjalu is also used in treatment of prolapsed uterus.

In Wounds :

It arrests bleeding and quickens wound healing process. Usually a paste of this plant is applied on wounds.

In diarrhoea and piles:

This herb is recommended in diarrhoea, amoebic dysentry, IBS and haemorrhoids or piles.  Usually decoction of this plant is used for these conditions.

In male infertility and Erectile dysfunction:

The seeds of this plant are used to increase sperm count and boost sexual function in men. Its use is appreciated in BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 

Other Uses of mimosa pudica

It has been said to have medicinal properties to cure skin diseases like psoriasis, acne and pimples .
It is also used in conditions like diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, kidney stones and cystitis.

Additional information about Mimosa Pudica or lajjalu

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