Ayurveda Health benefits of Kiratatikta–Chirata-Swertia Chirata

Kiratatikta or Chirata which is also known as Chiretta,or Chirayata is a bitter Indian Ayurvedic herb.It is useful in ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, weight loss, PCOS or PCOD, Psoriasis and Acne

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Chirata in Ayurveda

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Kiratatikta

Chirata for weight loss

Chirata for Diabetes

Chirata for PCOS

Chirata in Ayurveda

Chirata herb is found in abundance in Nepal and is called Nepali Neem in the region. It is widely referred to as tridosha balancing in Ayurvedic medicine.

Swertia Chirata is exceptionally bitter and yet offers many medicinal properties for healing purpose. Chirayata is hot, dry and pungent, which makes it useful for many health conditions like diabetes, obesity and polycystic ovarian Disease or PCOS or PCOD. It is an annual herb, and all the plant’s parts can be used either as a powder or dried herb. This is an annual herb and grows well all over India. It reaches a height of about 1.5 meters.

Due to its bitterness, it is recommended to be taken in capsules or taking along with sweetener such as honey. The medicinal and pharmacological properties were explained in Ayurvedic texts, and this will be looked into next one after the other.

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Kiratatikta

The ayurvedic properties and health benefits of chirata are explained as follows

Kiratatikta or Chirata which is also known as Chiretta, Swertia Chirata or Chirayata is a bitter Indian Ayurvedic herb.It is useful in ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, weight loss, PCOS or PCOD, Psoriasis and Acne

All the parts of the Swertia Chirata plant such as fruits, flowers, leaves, and seeds are used for one medicinal purpose or the other. The herb tastes bitter (tikta rasa), and it is very light in digestion (laghu) with its hot potency (ushna veerya) . It normalises tridosha. (Vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha)

These qualities make Chirayata or Chiretta useful in the following health conditions:

Chirata for weight loss:

Chiretta enhances fat metabolism in the body and prevent hunger pangs that can lead to excessive weight gain. With these properties texts of Ayurveda recommend chirata for weight loss. thus, helps in weight loss. This is the reason it is part of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic Weight Loss Remedy Combo and Nilobese Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tea.

Kirata tikta or Chirayata  improves fat metabolism and prevents hunger pangs. These qualities help in weight loss.  Hence this is the best ayurvedic herb for obesity treatment. 

Helps in diabetic conditions:

Chirata plant can be used for diabetes. The hot potency and bitterness qualities of Kiratatikta offer anti-diabetic effect by help lowering blood sugar and stimulates the production of insulin in cells; hence, good for diabetes. Hence it is recommended in madhu meha or diabetes.

How to use Chirata in diabetes?

The powder or capsules made from extract of this plant can be used for diabetes. ( Check Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction due to Diabetes)

According to Vaishnav Yadav Herbal medication is the best answer to control Diabetes. Herbs and natural ingredients have the power to treat or control Diabetes and give you a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important reasons to adopt herbal medication is that it treats problems or diseases without causing any type of harmful effects to the health of the user. Various Ayurvedic herbs, like Indrajav, Kamarkas, Vijaysar, Babul, Chirata, Gokhru (gokshura or Tribulus) , Kala Jamun fruit or jambolana , Amla (Indian gooseberry) , Chandan, Shilajit, Gurmar, turmeric, Karela (bitter melon or bitter gourd) etc. show effective results in the ayurvedic remedies for Diabetes 

Chirata for PCOS or PCOD:

As chirata aids in weight loss and reducing blood sugar level it is highly recommended in polycystic Ovarian disease or PCOS. The medicinal properties of Kiratatikta are all encompassed. After considering the essential medicinal properties of this herb, MOOLIKA AYURVEDA’s doctors have added Kiratatikta as one of the main ingredients of PCORID Capsules ayurvedic medicine for treating PCOS. When PCORID is taken alongside UTONORM capsules best ayurvedic supplement for female infertility  for 12 weeks, it controls PCOS and boosts women fertility. The Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS or PCOD combination has been reviewed to be the most effective supplement for women infertility.

Reduces inflammation:

It is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.  It helps to relieve swelling, joint pain, redness, and control body temperature. With these properties, Kiratatikta is a good remedy for rheumatoid arthritis.

Normalizes doshas:

Swertia Chirata’s action on the three doshas cannot be overemphasized. It helps to regulate all three doshas.

Treats skin diseases:

Chirata is highly applauded for its effectiveness for treating skin diseases such as pimples, acne, rashes, inflamed skin, and much more. It cleanses the blood and minimizes pimples and acne eruption. It also helps in boosting immunity and skin health in general.

Chirata for Psoriasis

Chirata helps to reduce pitta and soothe inflamed skin in psoriasis. It detoxifies liver and enhances skin health.

Helps in digestion system:

Swertia Chirata regulates appetite, controls food craving, and aid in the digestion process.

Enhances body strength:

Kiratatikta was praised by Ayurveda acharyas for its strength and energy enhancement properties.

Helps in lung conditions:

This herb helps in reducing cough, asthma, bronchitis, and other lungs inflammatory conditions by keeping bronchi open and ease respiration process. Chiretta acts as a mucolytic to assist in mucus expectoration from the lung.

Acts as an anti-helmenthic:

Chirayata helps to remove intestinal parasites and also prevents fungal skin infections by acting as an anti-microbial.

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