Ayurveda Magical water-how to make Copper water

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copper water ayurveda, how to make copper waterCopper water is helpful in anemia , hair loss due to anemia and male infertility. Dr. Shirishbhate explains the authentic way to prepare this magical water.

Copper water can be prepared in two ways.

  1. Fill a clean copper vessel with water and boil on low heat till water quantity reaches to 50%.
  2. Alternatively you can use a glass vessel and add copper scrap, copper wire bundle etc ( these must thoroughly cleaned and devoid of oxides and sulphates which form on copper due to reaction with air and water ) so that water absorbs more copper due to increased exposure area. When copper dissolves in water, water becomes ionic (electrolyte) as can be ascertained by its pH measurement. That is the reason the micro organisms get killed in such water.
  3. Those who do not have time to look after water boiling, can keep water stored in a clean copper vessel and drink after 8-12 hours. Storing for more period causes no harm, but concentration of ions gets saturated.


  1. Care must be taken to keep the inside of the vessel shining by using special cleaning powders. One such powder is available in Maharashtra, India under the brand name “Pitambari”. However, hands must be protected by a scrub if one uses this powder.
  2. Alternatively, tamarind can be used safely.
  3. Due to copper water mania, nowadays special copper flasks which can be stored in fridge are available in Indian Market. However, copper pots should not be stored in fridge, drink at room temperatutre. “Sharp” quality of copper water gets destroyed by fridge.

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