Ayurveda Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of Lotus Flower

According to ayurveda lotus flower is used in acne, pimples, herpes, insomnia, uterus problems, low sperm count etc. Its medicinal properties and health benefits are profound.

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About Lotus Plant

Ayurveda Health Benefits of lotus flower

Medicinal Uses of Lotus Flower

Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Health Benefits of Lotus Stem and Roots

About Lotus Plant

Lotus plant is known as Nelumbo nucifera and belongs to genus Nelumbo. Lotus is national flower of India. It is also known as water lily. Lotus is an aquatic plant and grows in tropical regions of Asia, Australia and Vietnam. It is commonly grown in water gardens.

The roots of this plant grow on the soil of pond and leaves float on the top of water surface. The stems are long and thick. Stems of lotus flower have found their place in Indian cuisine and are used in curries and pickles.

Seeds of lotus flower are puffed and known as fox nut or makhana. These seeds are used to make snacks and sweet dishes.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of lotus flower

The health benefits of lotus flower are explained by Ayurveda acharyas as follows.

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Lotus flower is sweet to taste (madhura rasa) and normalises kapha dosha and pitta dosha. It acts as body coolant. This flower is light to digest and improves the moistness and stickiness of tissues. Its use as face pack improves skin glow and enhances colour. Texts of Ayurveda praise the immense effectiveness of lotus in diseases like skin rashes, burning sensation of skin, boils and herpes (Read Ayurveda and Genital Herpes).

Usually the roots, flower, stem and seeds are used for medicinal purpose.

Medicinal Uses of Lotus Flower

To Enhance the Complexion of Skin

The paste of this flower is applied on acne, pimple, scars and marks. It enhances complexion and improves the skin colour.

To reduce boils and skin rashes

Application of lotus flower paste reduces burning sensation of skin, boils and herpes eruptions (Read Genital herpes symptoms ayurveda).

Reduces Insomnia and Anxiety

Ayurvedic preparations which are made using lotus plant parts help to strengthen brain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality and an effective remedy for insomnia (Read Natural ayurvedic home remedies for good sleep).

Strengthening of Digestive system

Use of this plant parts help to reduce nausea, vomiting, excess thirst, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Purification of Blood

Lotus flower plant helps to purify blood and it also alleviates diseases which are caused due to impure blood. Diseases like amoebic dysentery, menorrhagia, haemorrhoids (piles), herpes, boils, skin allergies and burning sensation in skin are caused due to vitiation of rakta or blood.

Strengthens the Uterus

Herbal preparations of lotus plant help to stop missed abortion or habitual abortions. They strengthen the uterus and prevent miscarriages. It is very good herb to be used in female infertility. (Click here for Ayurvedic remedy for PCOS/PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Diseases )

Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds or Kamal gatta

Lotus seeds are also known as kamal gatta are useful in male infertility to improve sperm count and motility. Beneficial in skin ailments, cystitis, impotence and weight loss.

Lotus seeds are popularly referred as Padma Beeja in Sanskrit. Padma Beeja means seeds of lotus flower.  These seeds are very popular in East Asia and they are used in their cuisine. Lotus seed paste is used in pastries and desserts of china and Japan. The age old Chinese and Indian medicine texts also recommend these seeds in their preparations. Lotus seeds are store house of vitamins, minerals and protein. They are very low in saturated fats.

Ayurveda Uses and Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds or Kamal Gatta

Nutritional Value:

Every 100gms of these seeds provide 89 calories. They contain plenty of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B-6 and iron. These seeds have only 0.5% of fat and zero cholesterol. They also supply good amount of Protein (4.1 gms).

The health benefits of lotus seeds or kamal gatta are explained as follows in texts of Ayurveda.

health benefits of lotus seeds, health benefits of lotus stem, health benefits of lotus flower

These seeds act as body coolants. Even in Chinese medicine they believe that soup of lotus seeds relieves body heat. These seeds have madhura rasa  (sweet taste) , Kashaya rasa (astringent taste) and Tikta rasa (bitter taste) .They absorb lot of water during digestion (Rooksha)  and dry up tissues. Lotus seeds are heavy to digest (Guru). Due to these properties it balances all three doshas.

Have Aphrodisiac Properties:

The seeds of lotus plant act as body coolant and are sweet to taste. They are heavy to digest and may cause constipation. But they are very good aphrodisiacs and help to improve erectile dysfunction, low sperm count ( oligospermia )and low sperm motility. Hence these seeds are used in Vajikarna Therapy preparations to improve sexual function of men.

These seeds can be added to diet as they supply plenty of important nutrients.

These seeds of lotus flower are praised as “Vrishya”. Vrishya means aphrodisiac.  This is because of its sheeta (body coolant) , guru (heavy to digest) and presence of madhura rasa (sweet taste). They increase libido. Ayurveda acharyas recommend to use these seeds in ayurvedic preparations which are used to increase sperm count and sperm motility. Many Ayurvedic Vajikarana Therapy Preparations contain these seeds. Consumption of lotus seeds improves male fertility.  Kamal gatta is also helpful in erectile dysfunction. They can be used by diabetic patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. The presence of potassium, magnesium and iron are reasons for its aphrodisiac properties.

Used as Uterine Tonic:

These seeds also strengthen the linings of uterus and prevent habitual abortion and miscarriages. Hence lotus seeds are considered as best health supplement for female infertility. (Click here for ayurvedic remedy for PCOD). Use of lotus seeds in ayurvedic treatment for female infertility is strongly recommended by ayurveda acharyas.

Lotus seeds for Weight Loss:

These seeds can be used as snacks by people who are on weight loss regimen. They fill the stomach and suppress appetite. Lotus seeds also provide essential nutrients when you are on a weight loss program.

Kamal gatta or lotus Seeds For Skin

Paste of lotus seeds are recommended in skin ailments. It improves skin texture, skin glow and reduces burning sensation of skin.

Useful in urinary tract health

Since these seeds act as body coolant, they help to soothe inner layers of urinary bladder and also reduce burning sensation while passing urine. Hence these are recommended in cystitis and UTI .

In Digestive Health

It is very useful in reducing nausea, vomiting, thirst, diarrhoea, dysentery IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) etc

Caution to use Lotus Seeds:

Since lotus seeds have tissue drying properties they may cause constipation. A lot of water has to be consumed when you use these seeds.

Health Benefits of Lotus Stem and Roots

Lotus stem recipes are very popular in North India. The fresh stems and also dried versions of this aquatic plants are used in many recipes.  Lotus stem and root are store house of vitamins and minerals. The vitamin C is abundant in stem and help to boost the immune system and increase immunity. It helps to fight viral infections. Lotus roots contain essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and iron . These help to improve haemoglobin level and improve skin health and its texture. Both roots and stems contain plenty of fibres which help to eliminate constipation by regularising the bowel movement.

Author : Dr. Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

Reference https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337856597_A_Review_on_Health_Benefits_of_Lotus_Seeds_Nelumbo_nucifera

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