Ayurveda Health Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Jaggery

Jaggery is an important ingredient of many ayurvedic medicines. It is recommended in cystitis, UTI, low body weight, constipation and migraine. It is not advisable in PCOS, Diabetes and weight loss therapies.

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Jaggery in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Jaggery

Ayurveda medicinal properties of jaggery

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Jaggery

Uses of Jaggery in Ayurveda

Home remedies with jaggery

Jaggery in Ayurveda

Gur or jaggery is prepared from sugar cane juice. This is used as sweetening agent in many Indian traditional dishes. Jaggery contains plenty of nutrients as it is not completely refined like sugar. Texts of ayurveda eulogize this delicious substance as “Guda”.

Ayurveda classifies jaggery based on its processing.

  • Raw jaggery or unwashed jaggery
  • Refined jaggery or washed jaggery
  • New jaggery (which is just preapred)
  • Old jaggery (jaggery which is older than a year)

All these types of jaggery have their own medicinal value and are used in different conditions.

Ayurvedic Jaggery

Jaggery mixed with spices can also be used in weight loss diet and also to satiate sweet cravings. Such jaggery is available in market mixed with weight loss herbs. B&B Organics Herbal Jaggery (Powder) is one such jaggery.

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Ayurveda medicinal properties of jaggery

Texts of Ayurveda explain medicinal properties of jaggery as follows

Ayurveda health benefits of jaggery

Medicinal Properties of Raw or Unwashed or Unrefined Jaggery

This balances Vata Dosha and Pitta dosha. But increases Kapha dosha and meda dhatu (body fat). It is little bit alkaline (sakshara). Mildly body coolant. If impurities are more in this jaggery it increases chances of Kapha disorder in , bone marrow (majja dhatu), blood, fat tissue and muscles (mamsa dhatu). It also reduces strength of bones (asthi dhatu).

Medicinal Properties of Refined or Washed Jaggery

Guda which is made white by washing is used in many health conditions. It increases volume of urine and stools. It does not increase Kapha considerably.

Medicinal properties of new jaggery is similar to unrefined one.

Old jaggery pharmacological properties

  • It is sweeter than new ones.
  • It increases moistness of tissues.
  • Light to digest and increases body fire or agni. Brings taste to palate.
  • It is the best cleansing agent of body. It cleanses bladder, rectum and stomach
  • relieves tiredness and weakness.

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Jaggery

Unrefined Jaggery Benefits

increases bulk of body tissues and detoxifies urinary bladder. Hence it is administered in ayurvedic remedies for UTI and Cystitis. It also purifies blood (rakta dhatu). When consumed in excess it increases body weight and increases intestinal worms. It is recommended for persons who need ayurvedic brimhana therapy or weight gain therapy. Ayurveda recommends this for persons who have low energy and stamina. It acts as aphrodisiac (vrushya) and helps as an ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Refined or Washed Jaggery Uses

Well prepared jaggery is store house of nutrients. According to ayurveda acharyas It eases bowel movement .It can be used as natural remedy for constipation. and acts as diuretic. Guda which is made white by washing is used in many health conditions. Since it increases volume of urine and stools , it is recommended in UTI, Cystitis and constipation.

Old jaggery Health benefits

Guda or jaggery kept for a long time is very good for health and acts as cardiac tonic and good for heart, and should be consumed. It also nourishes body. So, jaggery should be at least one year old for its usage. It increases energy and freshness in body. Since it increases appetite, it can be given for children who have sluggish digestion. It can be used in vata and pitta imbalance. It boosts health of blood , hence can be used in anemia. Since it increases body weight it is

Jaggery for PCOS,

We usually do not recommend jaggery in our clincal practice for PCOS/PCOD patients. As it may lead to obesity and aggravates the condition. This can not be used as ayurvedic kitchen herb for PCOS and Weight loss

Jaggery for diabetes

We do not recommend this sweetener in diabetes as it has almost same glycemic index as sugar. When we recommend diabetic vegetarian diet for south Indians we ask them to avoid this as a substitute for refined sugar

Uses of Jaggery in Ayurveda

  • Jaggery is also used in preparation of ayurvedic Lehyams. Lehyams are ayurvedic herbal sweet jam preparations which are made palatable using ghee and jaggery.
  • Gur is rich in several important vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, calcium and phosphorus and antioxidants.
  • It supplies instant energy. Juices prepared using this as sweetening agent are healthy and reviving.
  • The iron content in this sweetener helps to boost blood hemoglobin level. Hence its use in pregnancy can be beneficial. But this can not be used during weight loss regimen after delivery
  • The potassium in gur helps to control blood pressure.
  • It helps in digestion and nullifies free radicles.
  • Acharya charaka recommends to use jaggery along with Haritaki – Terminalia chebula. 

Home remedies with jaggery:

Common Cold and Cough:

Mix 1 tea spoon of powdered gur with 2 tea spoons of beetle leaves’ juice. Add ½ cup of warm water and sip slowly.

Grind 1 tea spoon jaggery with 2-3 black peppers. Keep this paste on tongue and slowly chew it to get relief from cough.

Menstrual problems.

Consuming 1 small piece of jaggery daily, in empty stomach with a glass of water helps to relieve menstrual problems.


Regular use of this helps to reduce incidences of anemia.


Grind ½ tea spoon of gur, ½ tea spoon sesame seeds and few drops of milk to a fine paste. Applying this paste on forehead helps to relieve migraine headaches.Consumption of jaggery relieves headache.

Note: Diabetic patients should be careful while using this as it may increase blood glucose level.

Author – Dr.Savitha Suri

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