Ayurveda Health Benefits, Uses of Safed Musli

Ayurveda Health Benefits, Uses of Safed Musli

ayurveda ,safed musli, Asperagus Adscendens,safed musli increase sperm, safed musli ayurveda, safed musli for erectile dysfunction,safed musli for premature ejaculationHealth benefits and uses of safed musli or shweta musli also known as white musli have been very well explained in ayurveda. This herb is praised as vrushya (aphrodisiac) and brumhani (increases body weight) 

The plant safed musli belongs to family Liliaceae. It is a tall evergreen thorny shrub grown in western India. 

It is called in different names in India. In hindi – safed musli or safed mushali, kannada – bili mushali, gujarathi – dholi musli or ujali musli, tamil – tannir bittang, telugu- sallogadda, punjabi-syahoo musli

Health benefits and uses of safed musli – Ayurveda View

Ayurvedic texts list musli under vrishyadi varga (plants which are aphrodisiac).

“Mushali madhura vrishya veeryoshna brihmani guruhu|
Tiktha rasaayanee hanthi gudajanya anilam tatha||”

Its rhizomes or roots of this plant are used for medicinal purposes in ayurveda. The root powder of safed musli mixed with milk is an excellent natural ayurvedic remedy and treatment for erectile dysfunction. The rhizomes of musli have the following qualities

Safed musli has sweet (madhura rasa) and bitter taste (tikta rasa) and enhances strength of men. It is hot in potency (ushna veerya) and helps to increase body weight. Hence is it indicated in ayurveda weight gain therapy or brumhana therapy. This herb is very heavy to digest (guru) and contains lot of moistness. It has restorative and rejuvenating properties and has capacity to control apana vayu. It balances vata dosha and pitta dosha . Increases kapha dosha

Safed musli for men in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Safed musli is praised as shukrala (The herb which increases shukra dhatu) or vajikara herb by ayurveda acharyas. It helps to boost male sexual function and improves sperm motility. It is a great herb for impotence and enhances quality and quantity semen. It is usually used as best ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (ED and PE)

In Cystitis and UTI

Safed musli has cold potency and acts as body coolant. It soothes inner layer of bladder and helps in cystitis (Read Cystitis in ayurveda ) and burning sensation while passing urine.

Best herb for Weight gain or Brumhana therapy

Safed musli increases body bulk and improves healthy weight. Hence persons with low body weight can use this to gain healthy weight.

In Vitiation of vata and pitta

Safed musli helps to balance vitiated vata and pitta. Hence it can be used in diseases in which vata and pitta are imbalanced.

Botanical Name and Description of – Safed Musli or Shweta musli (Asperagus Adscendens)

BOTONICAL NAME : Asparagus adscendens
FAMILY:  Liliaceae
STRUCTURE: thorny shrub.
Stem: strong, long, round with white shade. Contains 1/2 ” – 1″ long thorn.
Leaves hair like rounded leaves
Roots : white tuberous
HABITAT: western India, himalaya
PHARMACOLOGY: Nutritive, tonic, galactogogue and demulscent.
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Contains Spirostanol glycosides (asparanin A and asparanin B) and two furostanol glycosides (asparoside A and B)

Ayurvedic Description of Safed Musli or Shweta musli (Asperagus Adscendens)

LOCAL NAMES(in India) :safed musli (Hindi), Safed musli (Marathi), Dholi musli(Gujarati), Tannir Vittang(Tamil), Sallogadda (Telugu),
Guna :- Guru, snigdha
Rasa :- madhura,
Veerya :-Sheeta
Vipaka :-Madhura
KARMA (Action) :
Increases Kapha and balances vitiated vata
Shukrala – Increases Quality and quantity of semen. It helps to increase sperm count and motility.
Mutrala – Acts as a diuretic
Strengthens the body, increases body bulk and helps in rejuvenation.

This herb is widely used in conditions where vata and pitta doshas are involved. As it is devoid of starch it can be used in diabetic patients to increase quality and quantity of semen (Read Low sperm count and ejaculate volume in diabetes-ayurveda remedy). This herb is used as a main ingredient in Vajikarana therapy preparations

Safed musli powder mix an Ayurvedic Herb Combination for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature ejaculation

Ayurvedic Powder for Erectile DysfunctionTexts of Ayurveda recommend various herbal preparations to increase the stamina, energy and potency of men. Mushalyadi churna is one such preparation. Ayurveda Acharyas mention about this preparation in Yogaratnakara an age old text of Ayurveda. This herbal powder does not contain any metals or metal ashes.  Mushalyadi Churna can be easily prepared at home as its herbal ingredients are easily available in market.

How to prepare Mushalyadi Churna with safed musli?

Take Shweta musli or safed musli powder (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) one part, Makhana or Fox nut (Euryale Ferox) two parts and Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris ) powder three parts.   Fry makhana or fox nut in a tea spoon of ghee until they become crisp. Powder it coarsely and mix with remaining herbs. Store this powder mix in an airtight container.

Safed musli powder with milk?

Take 1 table spoon of safed musli powder or mushalyadi churna  powder and boil it in ½ litre milk till the milk reduces to ¼ litre. Strain the milk to discard the residual herbal mix. Add white coloured sugar candy or misri as sweetener.  Diabetic patients can use this without sweetener. This herbal powder helps men who have diabetes related erectile dysfunction.

Consume this milk in empty stomach in morning after evacuating bowels. Ayurveda acharyas advice to consume ayurvedic preparations after completing morning ablution and strictly follow ayurvedic daily routine or dinacharya

Benefits of safed musli powder and  Mushalyadi Churna:

The herbs in this ayurvedic powder are known for their aphrodisiac properties.

Safed Musli

is very effective in diseases which arise due to vitiation of vata and pitta. Texts of Ayurveda praise this herb as “Shukrala”, which means the herb which increases quality and quantity of semen or shukra dhatu. Ayurveda Acharyas recommend this herb for men who suffer from low sperm count ( oligospermia )and low sperm motility. Safed musli is widely used in preparations to rectify impotence and erectile dysfunction. The preparations of musli strengthen the body and increase body weight.

Makhana or fox nut

Makhana are used in ayurvedic preparations. Fox nut alleviates vata and pitta dosha. It strengthens the heart and is very useful in anemia. Makhana increases quality and quantity of semen, prevents premature ejaculation and increases libido. It is an important ingredient of herbal preparations used for erectile dysfunction. It strengthens body and increases energy level. Because of its aphrodisiac properties it is grouped under vrishyadi varga. The herbs under this group are used in vajikarana therapy.

Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is widely used in alternative systems of medicines. In European folk medicine it is used to treat headache, dizziness and sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation. In Chinese medicine this herb is used in treatment of liver, kidney and cardiovascular problems. Through researches it has been found that Tribulus Terrestris lowers cholesterol and acts as antioxidant. Clinical trials have shown the usefulness of this herb in treating diabetes and hypertension. It also helps to increase testosterone level and hence very popular among body builders.

Muslyadi churna which is a combination of above mentioned herbs, increases stamina and boosts energy level of men. It is a best ayurvedic remedy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Ayurvedic physicians opine that this herbal recipe helps to boost sperm count and sperm motility.

Ayurveda acharyas who have authored Yogaratnakara mention that these herbs help in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

These herbs are safe and do not have any side effects.



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