Ayurveda Rasala Yoga to increase libido

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Ayurveda Rasala Yoga to increase libido

recipe to increase libido, Vajikarana therapyThe preparations called “Rasala yoga “has been illustrated in ayurvedic text “Yogaratnakara”. It has been said that king of Mathura had prepared this recipe to keep his sexual energy and stamina at optimum level. It has been said that this recipe calms mind and cools body.

The recipe goes as follows

Curd – 2 cups – The curd must be sweet and little sour.

Sugar – 1 cup

Honey – ¼ cup

Ghee – ¼ cup

Other ingredients – Dry ginger powder, black pepper powder and clove powder – 1 pinch each.

All these must be mixed well and transferred into clean earthen pot which is fumigated with sandal and rose wood fumes.

The king of Mathura used to consume this preparation as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in this recipe are said to increase libido naturally. This was used as an important preparation in Vajikarana therapy.