Ayurveda remedies for Premature Greying

Grey hair ayurveda remedy, premature graying causes, premature graying, natural ways to dye gray hair,natural,treatment, The most familiar sign of ageing is graying of hair. The age at which graying starts is genetically determined. The graying occurs due to a gradual reduction in production of melanin in hair bulb. Usually the first gray hairs appear near temples and then spreads to crown and then to back of the head.


  • Inadequate nutrition (deficiency of vitamin B, iron, copper and iodine in daily diet)
  • Hereditary.
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy scalp
  • Scalp which is not hygienically maintained.
  • Using harsh shampoo, soaps and other hair styling accessories.
  • Blow drying.
  • Premature greying according to ayurveda :
  • Premature graying is caused by emotional disturbances, anger and over physical exertion .The hair color changes according to the vitiation of doshas.

Herbal hair oil medicated with neela, bringaraja, haritaki, amalaki, vibhitaki, should be massaged on scalp to prevent premature graying.

Ayurveda Solutions for grey hair

Naturally dyeing Grey Hair

As time passes, the pigment producing cells in the hair follicles begin to falter and graying gradually results. Before graying the hair tends to be dry and coarse. So be sure to use moisturizing and protein conditioners.

Natural dyes/henna: Henna is the most popular form of vegetable dye in India as it is more suitable for Asian hair than blonde hair.

For Rich red tones: Add a few drops of acetic acid to the henna mixture. Mix one teaspoon of catechu in the henna for a dark red color.

For Brown: Mix henna with walnut juice. Add one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to henna for a darker color.

For Blue-black or henna reng: Mix with indigo. Add one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to henna for a darker color.Henna also has excellent conditioning properties. It forms a protective coating on hair that prevents any alien chemical from penetrating into the hair cuticle. It also helps to reduce split ends by healing the breakages. Thus it helps to make coarse hair smooth and gives it a distinctive shine.

Chamomile: This has natural lightening properties and works as a color improver for blonde hair.

Rosemary: Springs of rosemary give dark hair a rich glossy shine.

Rhubarb root: This brightens and lifts natural color, giving blonde hair golden highlights and chestnut highlights to dark hair.

Onion: To give hair a natural reddish dye, boil onion peels in half a cup of water. Add a teaspoon of glycerin and apply the decoction to your hair. Wash off after thirty minutes.

Walnut: Walnut juice deepens the color of dark brown hair.