Ayurveda solution for genital herpes

Ayurveda solution for genital herpes

Ayurveda genital herpes, ayurvedic treatment for genital herpes, ayurveda solution genital herpesAccording to Charakaacharya the herpes which is limited to skin and underlying tissues (Bahya margashrita) can be treated. The herpes which affects skin, blood and lymph can be treated successfully.. But the herpes which involves the internal organs (Abhyantara margashrita) like brain can not be treated. But before knowing about the treatment a brief introduction about causes, symptoms and precipitating factors for herpes ,as described in ayurveda are given here.

When a person indulges in above mentioned activities the Tridoshas (three doshas) of body Vata (The element which controls nerves, neurons and related physiology), Pitta (The element which regulates and controls the body and cell metabolism. Also present in skin) and and Kapha (The element which binds the tissues and gives strength to body) get imbalanced. The imbalanced doshas vitiate or spoil
Blood (Rakta),
Lymph (Lasika),
Skin (Twacha) and
Muscle (mamsa)

Ayurveda alternative solution for genital herpes : (According to Ayurveda)

Balancing imbalanced doshas and vitiated tissues:
When body is suffering from a disease the balance between three doshas will be disturbed. The first step of treatment is to balance doshas. This is achieved by administering medicines which balance the vitiated doshas of the disease .
In genital herpes all three doshas get imbalanced and vitiate skin, blood and lymph. The skin, blood and lymph are purified through herbal preparations which metabolize the toxin AMA accumulated in blood and lymph formed due to imbalanced doshas. The herbal preparations detoxify blood and lymph and expel the toxins and vitiated doshas from blood and lymph. When blood and lymph get purified the skin and underlying tissues also get rejuvenated. This reduces the inflammation, burning and tingling sensation . Clinical trials have shown that after the administration of these preparations the frequency of attacks are reduced considerably.

Boosting body immunity and Rejuvenation of Body
According to ayurveda a disease not only affects a particular organ but affects the whole body. Hence the treatment is given to the entire body. After balancing doshas of the body , the body should be rejuvenated. By rejuvenation the body immunity gets boosted to fight any recurrent attacks of diseases. Many ayurveda preparations are available for body rejuvenation when body is suffering from herpes.

The body immunity is boosted using Rasayanas. Rasayanas are specifically mentioned as herbal preparations which give body a strength to resist diseases. Rasayana preparations balance vitiated doshas in skin and blood.

When vitiated doshas of skin are balanced the frequency of attacks reduces. The duration between the attacks are extended considerably. These preparations also boost the body immunity and also rejuvenate the body tissues by nourishing the body.

Local application for affected skin parts in genital herpes:
Along with the process of balancing doshas and rejuvenation of body, the treatment to the particular organ which is mainly affected by the disease should be treated. This is called local treatment (Sthanika chikitsa). In genital herpes this is achieved through local application of herbal paste, washing the affected area with herbal decoction etc.
Rejuvenation of the affected local skin is achieved through local application of herbal pastes. These preparations rejuvenate the skin and restore the structure -color of skin. These preparations also reduce local inflammation of the skin and skin gets a very good resistance to subsequent attacks. The tenderness of the skin vanishes and skin discoloration fades to get back the natural color.

Diet and Lifestyle modifications to be followed in genital and oral herpes-
These help to rejuvenate body, mind and thereby increase body resistance to attacks. These modifications also reduce frequency of attacks by controlling precipitating factors like mental stress and emotions.

Present views on Genital Herpes and alternative ayurveda principle
According to modern medical science at present there are no medicines for Genital Herpes. And the precipitating factors for Genital herpes are

  • illness
  • stress
  • poor diet
  • immune disorders
  • friction
  • sunlight
  • sunburn
  • physical trauma
  • surgery
  • menstruation
  • sex.

Of eleven reasons mentioned above the first five can be definitely avoided by adopting ayurveda treatment methods.