ayurveda old age, ayurveda elderlyVaasaamsi jeernaani yatha vihaaya |
Navaani grihnaathi naroaparaani ||
Tathaa shareeraani vihaaya jeernaa|
Nyanyaani samyaathi navaani dehee ||

This means “Man changes his clothes as it gets old and torn. Same way atma (soul) changes the body as it wears out.

The best medicine for old age is love and affection shown by kiths and kin. In old age due to degenerative process body succumbs to many diseases. Along with medication, a will power to combat the unwelcoming changes of body, contributes much in fighting against the disease. Along with alternative therapy we also provide psychological support with nectar of philosophy of all religions.

Many diseases  affects elderly persons. The following diseases and health conditions commonly affect  as age advances.

Leading a healthy life style  is very important for elderly to keep themselves fit and prevent  health problems.

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