How to Get Rid of Acne and Pimple With Ayurvedic Home Remedies ?

Ayurveda recommends to use herbs which are easily available at home for “youvanapitika” (acne). You can use honey, amla, turmeric, neem, besan flour, masoor flour etc effectively as home remedies to get rid of this.

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Acne and pimple in ayurveda

Ayurvedic Remedy for Acne

When acne and pimple increase ?

How to avoid acne and pimple ?

Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Acne, pimple Home remedies

Ayurveda Diet for Acne

Acne is a very common skin problem which affects young people at their puberty and few adults till they reach 45. Acne is referred as Youvana pitikas  (which means boils which arise during adolescent age ) in ayurveda. This shows the prevalence of acne from ages. Ayurveda has described the causes of acne and recommends the best natural herbal ayurveda acne treatment too.

Acne and pimple in ayurveda

A large number of oil producing glands called “sebaceous glands” are present under the on face, back, chest and shoulders. During puberty or menopause due to the influence of the hormones, (which are produced in male and female), these glands become more active and produce an oily secretion called “sebum”. The sebum makes the skin more oily .The excessive sebum clogs the skin pore or the pit of the hair follicle forming acne.The blocked pore or acne acts as an excellent habitat for bacteria. The bacterial infection causes inflammation (red, painful swelling of the infected area) of the clogged pore or hair follicle leading to flaring up of pimples.

According to Ayurveda Vata dosha and Kapha dosha are two main vital energetic forces, which are involved in appearance of acne and pimples ( Read Ayurvedic Tips for Pimples, Acne and Dark Spots ) . Rakta dhatu ( blood ) also plays an important role in formation of acne.

Vata when gets vitiated due to unhealthy diet and lifestyles affects other two doshas (kapha and pitta) to aggravate them. Aggravated pitta dosha affects rakta dhatu or blood. The vitiated blood affects the skin and causes excess secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. Kapha has sticky property. The aggravated kapha imparts the stickiness to the oil produced by sebaceous glands of skin. Thus the thick sebaceous plugs are formed in skin pores and hair follicles leading to surfacing of acne.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Acne

There are many ayurvedic remedies and treatments for acne. These preparations are easy to use and also effective. We have listed few best ayurvedic remedy for acne.

When acne and pimple increase ?

  • Grease, dirt or other harsh chemicals accumulate on skin.
  • You have increased stress . Increased stress and anxiety ( Read Stress and Anxiety Management Through Ayurveda ) releases stress hormones which imbalance body function.
  • You indulge in Squeezing or pinching of acne. This causes infection and also leave scars.
  • When there are hormonal imbalances during menstrual cycle, PCOS or PCOD (Read PCOS or PCOD Medicines and Treatment in Ayurveda) , menopause and puberty.
  • You are under medications like steroids or hormonal therapy.
  • When ama or body toxins accumulate in body due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

How to avoid acne and pimple ?

    • Avoid foods which are spicy, dry and oily. These may cause indigestion (Read Ayurvedic treatments and home remedies for Indigestion ) and lead to vitiation of vata dosha.
    • Constipation (Read ayurvedic remedies for constipation) can lead to accumulation of ama or body toxins and leads to acne and pimples. Keep a habit of emptying bowels regularly this always normalizes vata.
    • Avoid fast foods, junk foods, processed foods and soft drinks. These imbalance agni (digestion) and throughs digestion off balance.
    • Wash your face twice daily with mild cleanser. Chose the cleanser wisely which suits your skin.
    • Do not vigorously rub your face with towel. Just tap dry it.
    • Put a hair band to avoid falling of hair on face. The sweat and dirt accumulated on hair strands may fall on facial skin.
    • Avoid application of harsh scrubs.
    • Wash your hair regularly with mild shampoo to keep it clean and avoid dandruff. (Read How to Get rid of Dandruff ? Ayurveda Remedies.)

      7 Best Ayurvedic Oils for Dandruff and Flaky Scalp

    • Squeezing and pricking of pimples cause scaring. Hence avoid this.
    • Avoid exposure of skin to severe climatic conditions. Ayurveda clearly states that anything which exceeds limits can damage our body health. Protect yourself from harsh climates like sun, frost, winter and rainy season or monsoon or varsha rutu.
    • Avoid oil based moisturizers. Water based moisturizers are always beneficial.
    • Drink plenty of water (15 glasses a day). Water helps to hydrate body and skin. It prevents skin ageing and also acts as a medium to flush toxins.
    • Practice a regular exercise regimen. A brisk walk for 45 minutes help not only to reduce body weight, but also improves blood circulation and toxin elimination. Yoga and meditation also help to reduce this skin condition.
    • Follow ayurvedic daily routine ( dinacharya ) and Seasonal routine ( rutucharya ). These ayurvedic routines are so designed that it helps your body to function at its optimum capacity. These routines are best way to help our skin when it tries to adopt to new seasons and times of day.
    • Sleep at least for 8 hours a day. A good sleep (Read Ayurvedic Remedies, Medicines and Tips for Good Sleep ) helps body and skin to repair itself . It is best stress buster. Insomnia can trouble skin.
    • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. These provide plenty vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fibre helps to get rid of constipation. Fruits like amla (Indian gooseberry), pomegranate , carrot, grapes , papaya , cucumber, water melon etc help to supply plenty of anti-oxidants which neutralise free radicals and boost skin health.

Ayurveda Diet for Acne

As the Father of Medicine; Hippocrates once stated: “Let your foods be your medicine, and your medicine your food”. “You are what you eat!” is a saying known all over the world, and what you consume has effect on your overall health.

A healthy diet aids normal secretion of oil from oil glands of skin. It boosts immunity ( Read Boost Immunity Through Ayurveda – Foods and Herbs ) of skin to prevent proliferation of micro organisms. A nutritious diet prevents excess secretion of oil and blockage of pores.

Acne ayurveda diet:

Many acne sufferers have found immense benefits after following a healthy diet. Here are tips for healthy acne diet. An ayurveda acne diet is formulated particularly focusing on alleviation of kapha and vata.

Avoid junk foods. –

Junk foods provide zero nutrition and add high calories through harmful fats and sugars. The harmful ingredients of junk foods cannot be eliminated by body and they remain as toxins affecting body organs including skin.

Keep sweets and chocolates at bay –

Sweets and chocolates are very high in calories. Increased calories increase oil secretion. People experience acne out breaks when they consume high calorie foods.

Drink plenty of water

Water (Read Water – the Elixir of Life- An Ayurveda View ) helps to maintain fluid -electrolyte balance in body. Fluid electrolyte balance plays a great role in aiding absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. Any variation in this balance may lead to accumulation of toxins or less absorption of nutrients.

Go veggie –

Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in diet. These provide essential vitamins and minerals which keep skin healthy. Numerous researches have shown that Vitamin A and Zinc play an important role in controlling acne eruptions. Fresh fruits and Vegetables provide soluble and insoluble fibers which help in smooth bowel movement and prevent constipation.

Sprouts and cereals-

Sprouts and cereals provide good quantity of protein. Vegetarian proteins are easily digested and few medical professional opine that proteins help to control acne.

Maintain a dairy to note down the foods which repeatedly cause acne breakouts whenever they are consumed.

Ayurveda recommends kumkumadi tailam (oil) for this problem. It is always wise to use this preparation if you have dry skin (Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Dry Skin) or normal skin (Ayurvedic Beauty Tips and Home Remedies for Normal Skin Care) .Make sure you do a patch test before using this oil. You can check Best kumkumadi tailam (oil) available on amazon India .

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