Ayurvedic definition of obesity

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Ayurvedic definition of obesity

obesity ayurveda, uneven fat distribution, pear shaped fat distributionOver weighted persons are at increased health risk than normal persons. They are more prone to chronic diseases like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and few types of cancers.

What is obesity?
Excess amount of body fat is Obesity.
Excess weight of muscles, bone, body fat and water in the body (like body builders and athletes) is Overweight.

Is fat necessary to our body ?
Certain amount of body fat does the following function

  • Heat insulation.
  • Absorption of shock.
  • Storage of energy. Etc.

According to Ayurveda the functions of body fat are described as follows

“Medaha sneha swedaudhrudatwam pushtim asthyancha”

This means in normal conditions the body fat keeps the body moisturized , causes sweating , gives energy to body (by storing energy) and nourishes bones. (By protecting them from shock).

Distribution of fat

Women have more body fat than men. In women usually the fat accumulates around hips giving them a pear shape. In men it accumulates around belly giving them an apple shape. The obesity related problems start when fat accumulates around waist.
In ayurveda the distribution of fat is described as follows .

Medastu sarvabhutaanamudarenvasthi thishtathi |
Ata evodare vriddhihi prayo medaswino bhavet ||

Fat gets deposited in and around belly in all living beings. It is also present in bone. Hence when a person becomes obese his stomach bulges out.
And also the characters of an obese person are described as
“Medo mamsa ativriddhatvaachalasphigudarastanaha”
The hips, belly and breasts of an obese person sag and sagged parts flap as that person moves. An obese person will not be active. In some cases there will be uneven fat distribution.

Health risks caused due to Obesity

Many health risks arise due to obesity. Obesity leads to the following problems.
•Type-2 diabetes
•Heart disease.
•High Blood pressure.
•Few types of Cancers
•Gall stones
•Liver diseases
•Osteo arthritis.
•Irregular menstruation in women.

Texts of ayurveda mention many health risks which arise due to obesity. According to Ayurveda the obese persons are more prone to the following

•Kidney related problems.
Low libido.
•Low energy levels.
•Skin problems.
•Filariasis etc