Ayurvedic Home Remedies with Ghee

The health benefits of ghee are highly praised in ayurveda. It can be used with milk, turmeric milk, hot water or other herbs to harvest its medicinal benefits.

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Ghee in Ayurveda

Ayurveda medicinal properties of ghee

Which Ghee to Use ?

Ghee With Hot Milk at Night and Morning

Ghee with Hot Water

Ayurvedic Home Remedies with Ghee

Ghee in Ayurveda

Ghee also known as Clarified butter is prepared by heating Navaneeta or butter. Ghee is used to make all most all traditional sweet dishes in India. It is a regular kitchen ingredient which is loved by one and all. Ghee enhances the taste of dish and is a healthy fat when used in limited quantity. This is used as a base ingredient in various ayurvedic preparations. These preparations are mainly administered during Panchakarma therapy. ( Also Read Health Benefits of Ghee in Kannada )

Based on the principles of Ayurveda the qualities of ghee are explained as follows. Ghee is sweet to taste (madhura rasa)  and heavy to digest (guru). It is cold in potency (sheeta veerya) and normalises vata dosha and pitta dosha.

The ayurveda medicinal properties of ghee are explained as follows

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  • Ghee helps to boost memory.
  • It improves digestion and kindles hunger.
  • Continuous consumption of ghee softens the body tissues and enhances the flexibility.
  • Its use relieves constipation.
  • Ghee enhances heart health, acts as aphrodisiac, prevents miscarriages, boosts body strength and is very good for eyes.
  • Pure ghee enhances glow of skin, improves hair growth and rejuvenates whole body.
  • Use of ghee is also recommended in herpes.
  • It cleanses the wound and accelerates its healing.

Which Ghee to Use ?

We recommend to use A2 Ghee Prepared using Bilona Method

Texts of ayurveda recommend to use traditionally made cow’s ghee. Extraction of ghee from cows milk is a long process. First the milk is heated in low flame. Later when it becomes luke warm a small amount of curd is added and left overnight. Next day this curd is churned to get butter. The butter thus obtained is slowly heated to get pure ghee. This method is known as bilona method .  In this method the medicinal properties of ghee are retained and it is very easy to digest. Hence Always use cow’s ghee (A2 ghee) prepared using Bilona method.

A2 Ghee is the one which is prepared using milk from organically fed desi cows.

Check This Desi Cow Ghee Prepared using Bilona Method

Ghee With Hot Milk at Night and Morning- 

Ayurveda vaidyas advise ghee with hot milk  in many health conditions like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, cold and cough, low sperm count and motility. It can be used with other herbs and spices.

For this we recommend ghee made from milk of grass fed hallikar cow also known as harlikar , which is native to Karnataka. Milk from hallikar cow is of superior quality. This breed of cattle were patronised by royal families of Karnataka. Bulls of this breed are known for their strength, stamina and endurance (https://www.roysfarm.com/hallikar-cattle/ )

Erectile Dysfunction:

Ghee is eulogised as aphrodisiac. Its use is widely recommended in Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. In fact this is the best ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction. Dry fruits and clarified butter make an excellent aphrodisiac mixture. Take raisins, walnuts, almonds and dates in equal proportions. Fry these individually with required amount of clarified butter and store it an airtight container. Mix a tea spoon of this mixture in a glass of hot milk. Consume this milk twice daily after food. Along with this maintain healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking and alcohol.

To Increase semen:

Ayurveda acharyas praise ghee as Shukrala. (shukrala- the one which helps to increase shukra dhatu or quality and quantity of semen). Mix walnuts and almonds in equal quantity. Fry these in required quantity of  ghee. Coarsely powder the fried nuts in a blender and store it in an air tight container. Mix a tea spoon of this mix along with 3-4 strands of saffron (Health Benefits of Saffron or Kesar or Crocus Sativus – An Ayurveda View) in a glass of warm milk and consume. A good healthy lifestyle on basis of ayurvedic daily routine or dinacharya, along with this recipe helps to increase sperm count

Dry cough:

When you have stubborn dry cough, boil a glass of milk with half tea spoon of turmeric and 1 tea spoon of powdered red sugar candy (misri). This is turmeric milk.  Add a tea spoon of ghee to this and drink twice daily. Along with this, drink 5-6 glasses of warm water per day.

For Weight gain:

Ghee is the best option for persons who are willing to gain weight. They can use this along with meals or while cooking tasty recipes or with hot milk. This helps in increase of healthy weight.

Improvement of voice:

Regular use of ghee helps to improve voice of singers and speakers. Usually vocal chords get strained due to long ours of singing and speaking. For this mix a tea spoon of ghee in hot milk and drink after the concert or speaking session. Make it a habit to drink warm milk mixed with ghee daily at night. This soothes the vocal chords and prevents damage.

Ghee with Hot Water

Ghee with hot water is recommended in many health conditions like constipation, piles or haemorrhoids or fistula

For this we recommend ghee made from milk of kankrej cow. Kankrej cow is native to Gujarat and Rajasthan.

For Constipation especially in pregnancy:

Constipation is a regular problem especially in pregnant women. Here is a  remedy for this. Mix a tea spoon of ghee to a glass of hot water. Drink this twice daily in morning and night. In morning drink it in empty stomach. Drink this at night before going to bed. Along with these eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also drink 6-7 glasses of warm water per day.

In Piles or haemorrhoids

Drink a glass of warm water along with a tea spoon of ghee and flax seeds daily before going to bed. This can be repeated in morning in empty stomach.

Daily Detoxification

Drinking a glass of  hot water with a tea spoon of ghee acts as a detox.  Ayurvedic detox for men includes this as a routine.

Other Ayurvedic Home Remedies with Ghee

Here are few effective ayurvedic home remedies with ghee.

With Gotu kola  To boost memory in children :

Fry  two table spoon of  finely chopped  Mandooka Parni or Gotu kola  (Centella Asiatica) and 2 crushed pepper corns in a table spoon of ghee. Store it in an airtight container. Add a tea spoon of this to hot rice with little rock salt (sendha namak)  and mix it well. Serve this twice daily along with lunch and dinner.

With Coconut Oil for Split hair:

Mix a tea spoon of ghee and 2 tea spoons of pure coconut oil. Heat this mix along with 10 curry leaves. Apply this to ends of hairs when it warms down. This prevents splitting of hair. Along with this consume two tea spoon of ghee per day.

Psoriasis and Dry Eczema :

Heat required quantity of ghee along with 5-6 neem leaves. Apply this over psoriasis patches or dry eczema patches.

For Chapped lips:

Massage a little ghee on chapped lips or you can make a lip balm of your own. Mix four tea spoon of ghee and ½ tea spoon of beeswax. . Heat this mix till beeswax dissolves. Store this in a small jar and you can carry it in your bag. Apply this repeatedly on chapped lips.

Shiny eyes and dark circles:

Ghee is praised as “chakshushya” (the one which helps to keep eyes healthy). Apply ghee smoothly on eyelids and on under eye circles. Leave it overnight. Wipe it off with a tissue next day. Make it your daily habit to see amazing results.

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