An ayurvedic skin detox at home

how to detoxify skin naturally, ayurvedic skin detox , skin detox at homeSkin is the largest organ of our body. Texts of Ayurveda explain various ayurvedic process to detox skin. The ayurvedic skin detox can be done at home to expel toxins from skin and keep it healthy and glowing  naturally. Lets know how to detoxify skin naturally,

Everyone loves to have clean, clear, glowing, young looking skin. Skin is the largest organ of body which protects body from harmful elements of environment. It is constantly exposed to external pollutants, radiations and injuries. Skin is not only abused by environment pollutants but internal metabolic wastes also pose a threat to its health. These factors affect the glow and looks of skin. To maintain the health of skin it is necessary to detoxify it regularly. Texts of ayurveda recommend some simple skin detoxifying steps, which can be incorporated in our daily routine.

It is very important to know that metabolism of skin is directly dependent on body metabolism. According to ayurveda acharyas, agni or fire element rules the process of metabolism.  Balancing agni helps to balance metabolism of both body and skin. The following tips help to balance the metabolism and also aid in protecting the skin from external pollutants.

Tips to balance skin and body metabolism.

  1. It is a thumb rule to keep away from opposite foods. Never mix and consume foods which are opposite in nature as this causes indigestion and slows down metabolism. Slow metabolism leads to accumulation of to detoxify skin naturally, ayurvedic skin detox , skin detox at home
  2. Eliminate oily foods, refined sugar, refined flour, margarine, salt and processed foods from your diet. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Snack on dry fruits instead of fast foods.
  3. Do not suppress natural urges like defecation, urination, belching, yawning, sneezing etc.  Suppression of natural urges vitiates doshas and throw metabolism off balance.
  4. Include spices like turmeric, Cumin seeds (jeera), garlic etc in your diet. Use fresh lemon regularly. These ingredients help to detox liver.
  5. Always eat light healthy foods.  Avoid over eating. Drink plenty of water to help your body to eliminate toxins.
  6. Never exercise when your stomach is full. Avoid drinking cold water immediately after an exhaustive work out.
  7. Prevent over consumption of radish, black gram, sesame, jaggery, sour and salty foods.
  8. Sleep well for long hours (6-7 hours).  Sleeping in day time harms metabolism. Follow the principle- early to bed and early to rise.
  9. Quit smoking and alcohol. Smoking accelerates ageing of skin and smokers are more wrinkle prone than non smokers.
  10. Practice yoga and meditation. A simple deep breathing exercise or pranayama for 20 minutes gives excellent results within 2 weeks.
  11. Texts of ayurveda recommend thirty minutes of vyayama or exercise daily. Walking Briskly for 30 minutes is a brilliant form of exercise which helps whole body.

External skin Care

  1. Sunrays are hazardous for skin. Exposure to harsh sun rays can lead to appearance of wrinkles at an early age. Hence always protect your skin from harmful rays of sun.
  2. Avoid taking hot showers or dipping in hot water bath tubs. Hot water can strip off natural oils from to detoxify skin naturally, ayurvedic skin detox , skin detox at home
  3. Scrub your body skin with natural scrubs like oatmeal scrub or tomato sugar scrub. This removes dead skin and opens up clogged pores. People who lack time to use natural scrubs can make use of soft body brushes to scrub their body. Start scrubbing or brushing soles and move up. Avoid nipple area.  Use smooth circular motions to stimulate skin. Do not scrub rigorously as this may damage skin.
  4. Abhyanga or oil massage is a very effective ayurvedic therapy to keep skin healthy. Massaging body with warm sesame oil or coconut oil helps to increase skin and body metabolism. This therapy rejuvenates body, checks drying of skin, reduces stress level, prevents early ageing and balances doshas. A good massage increases blood flow and enhances oxygen absorption. Enjoy a relaxing oil massage in weekends.
  5. Liberally apply a good moisturizer all over body irrespective of seasons. Moisturizers help to keep skin conditions like dry skin and psoriasis at bay.
  6. Apply sun screen lotion when you step out in hot sun. Cover your body with full armed clothes and wear shaded cap to protect facial skin.
  7. Nourish your facial skin with natural face packs.  Mashed pulps of fruits like papaya, banana, apple, tomato, water melon etc are very effective nourishing face masks which increase skin glow. A mixture of cucumber juice and gram flour is the best face mask for all types of skin

Let your skin bask in glory of nature. Happy skin detox.

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