Beeswax in Ayurveda- Uses and Benefits- Dry Skin, Psoriasis

Beeswax is used as base along with oils to prepare creams, ointments etc in ayurveda. Texts of ayurveda recommend this to treat psoriasis, dry skin , wrinkles, cracked feet, cracked lips etc.

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Beeswax in Ayurveda

Ayurveda Benefits and Uses of Beeswax

Beeswax in Ayurveda

Beeswax is also known as “Madhuchista” (the spit or leftover of bees) in Sanskrit. It is referred by various names in texts of ayurveda, like Mathana, Madhukosha, Siktaka, Madanaka, Madhulita, Madhushita

Beeswax also known as Cera elba or Cera flava is a natural wax from genus Apis family of honey bees. This unique wax formed a scale-like structure of eight layers glands or hexagonal shape in the worker bees’ abdomen segments to discard in the hive.

This sticky substance is produced by young bees of 2-3 weeks old. This is used in building combs . Honey combs are used to store honey and lay eggs. This wax will be transparent and colourless when secreted. It becomes opaque as bees add saliva, pollens, pollen oil and propolis.

Bio molecules of beeswax

The main building blocks for wax formation are carbohydrates, i.e. the honey sugars fructose, glucose and sucrose. Its other main components are palmitate, palmitoleate, and oleate esters of long-chain aliphatic alcohols.

Bee wax melts between 62-65oC and becomes discoloured when heated beyond  85oC .

Types of beeswax

In market they sell beeswax in both raw and processed forms. The raw beeswax is crude and obtained from beehive. It is known as yellow beeswax. Bleached and filtered beeswax becomes white in colour and known as white beeswax. Raw beeswax when treated with alcohol looks bright yellow and is known as absolute beeswax. 

Ayurveda Benefits and Uses of Beeswax

Texts of ayurveda eulogise benefits of this wax as follows

Beeswax in ayurveda

“Madhuchista”  is soft to touch and improves moistness of skin. It accelerates wound healing and helps to heal fractures. It wins over all skin ailments. It is very useful in skin diseases like psoriasis, dry skin, eczema, herpes etc.

Beeswax is recommended by ayurvedic doctors and naturopaths for psoriasis (Read Ayurvedic home remedy for Psoriasis ) and dry skin (Read Ayurvedic remedy for Dry Skin ). Beeswax is non-toxic and natural, relieves itching, speeds up healing, provides moisture and contains vitamin A.

Beeswax for Psoriasis

Beeswax has been employed in the Ayurvedic creams or balms to treat many skin diseases. The ayurvedic creams for psoriasis contain beeswax.

There are many essential properties of beeswax that make it beneficial for psoriasis and dry skin. Beeswax is non-toxic and natural, and this has made cosmetic industries to employ it as the main ingredients in their different skin  care products and formula. For example, beeswax is a thickening agent to enhance cream thickening for easy application on the skin. Herewith is the list of medicinal properties of beeswax:

Relieves itching in psoriasis and Dry Skin:

Beeswax is an anti-allergenic to help to relieve dry skin itching. If you are suffering from dry skin itching or reactive skin or sensitive skin, beeswax is the best for you. Itching is a common symptom of dry skin and psoriasis. Hence beeswax for psoriasis and dry skin is a thumb rule while formulating skin creams.

Contains Vitamin A:

Beeswax is a rich source of vitamin to help exfoliate and regenerate the skin.

Keeps skin hydrated:

Beeswax is one of the best water attractors. Regular application of enriched beeswax ointment helps your skin attract water molecules to keep it hydrated continuously. It is very important to supply moistness to skin when you have psoriasis and dry skin. Beeswax helps to improve moistness of skin.

Treating dry skin with beeswax

The skin that suffers from dehydration becomes dry, itchy and scaly. Increased itching of the skin can lead to cuts, bleeding or inflammation of the skin. Hence it is very important to first observe the problem carefully. If the dryness is minor and causes minor itching it can be treated with various remedies.The first step in the treatment of the dehydrated skin is the most basic one. The treatment starts with applying creams that are inclusive of natural ingredients like glycerin, water, cocoa butter, beeswax and other natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil etc

Benefits of Beeswax on Psoriasis and Dry Skin:

  1. It relieves itching.
  2. It locks the moistness of skin and reduces dryness.
  3. It is used as an ingredient for external application in psoriasis and dry skin.
  4. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce pain.
  5. It soothes the skin
  6. It imparts softness to dry and chapped skin.
  7. It has anti-bacterial property.
  8. Beeswax contains Vitamin A.
  9. This wax encourages quick wound healing.
  10. It acts as an anti-oxidants and removes pollutants from skin surface.
  11. Ayurvedic creams for psoriasis are prepared using ayurvedic oils, beeswax and ayurvedic herbs like  Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata), Durva (Cynodon Dactylon), Neem (Azadirachta Indica), shwet kutaja or wrightia tinctoria

Protects the skin:

Beeswax creates a form of protective barrier from environmental attacks while it also reduces skin dryness and holds in moisture on your skin. Compared to other petroleum ingredients, beeswax eliminates the issue of suffocation experienced in other products. This prevents micro organisms from attacking skin in psoriasis and dry skin conditions.

Contains antibacterial properties:

A study has shown that beeswax is equipped with antibacterial properties to help treat diaper rash and other related bacterial skin problems.

Promotes skin softness:

It acts as humectants and emollient to benefits rough, dry and hard skin layers. Skin care products contained beeswax is guaranteed to encourage moisture skin and rehydrating dry skin for easy cell regeneration. This makes skin as soft as baby skin.

Encourages skin wound healing:

Beeswax offer antiviral, antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory and if combined with some other ingredients, it helps treat wounds and other skin irritation issues.

Anti-oxidant properties:

Beeswax acts as antioxidants to eliminate pollutants from the surface of the skin.

Lotion Bar Recipe for Psoriasis

Lotion bars are ideal external applications for psoriasis. You can carry these in your bag and use it as and when required. Here is the recipe to make lotion bars for psoriasis.


100 ml coconut oil
100 ml cocoa butter
100 gms beeswax
Vitamin E capsule – 1
Essential oil of your choice (Vetiver (ushira or khus) , Indian borage (ajwain leaves), teatree oil, neem oil etc)

Combine coconut oil,  cocoa butter and beeswax in a glass bowl. Place this bowl in boiling water. (water should not enter the bowl). Stir this mix continuously. When all three ingredients are completely melted and mixed, turn off flame. Allow this to cool a little. When this mix is around 35 degree Celsius (luke warm) add 10 drops of essential oil. Cut open the vitamin E capsule and add it to this. Stir all ingredients carefully and transfer to small silicon moulds. Allow it to solidify. Store in an air tight container and use as and when required.

What else can be added to this ?

You can add 10 drops of neem oil to enhance medicinal properties. Neem oil helps to prevent infections.

We recommend tea tree essential oil when you are using this bar for psoriasis. This is best home remedy for psoriasis.

If your skin is too dry mix 50 gms of castor oil and 50 grams of coconut oil together to prepare psoriasis lotion bars with beeswax .

Uses of Beeswax

  • Beeswax is widely employed in the cosmetic industries to produce creams, moisturizers, and lip balms due to its ability to act as thickening agent, humectants, and emulsifier.
  • It is used in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic ointments and as well as creams.
  • Ingesting pure beeswax does not harm the body.

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