Benefits of boiled water

benefits of drinking boiled waterMost of the pains in body are generally caused by Vata dosha. One of two major reasons for vitiation of Vata is the diet and lifestyle which causes loss of dhatus. The Vata takes the space created by leaving dhatus.. Second reason is the traffic jam. When naturally moving Vata encounters blockages caused by undigested ama and Kapha. This excites Vata and causes pains. This is similar to situation in which pus entrapped in the boil causes pain, which disappears when boil breaks. Both these forces are weakened by boiled water. Mothers all over world know the efficacy of boiled water in Vatic disorders, joint pains, cold, cough, fever, disorders related to excretory systems, etc. The `Deepana’ property of warm water causes expansion of strotas (microchannels) of digestive juices. The increased hunger as a result of increased flow of digestive juices causes proper digestion of food resulting into increase of dhatus. When these increased dhatus take their usual seats, Vata is driven away and pains reduce (this also explains why arthritis treatment sometimes contains rasayanas.) Of course, warm water as a medicine must be reduced and stopped when Agni has increased sufficiently and pains reduced. -Dr.Shirish Bhate

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