Benefits and Advantages of Daily Brisk Walking

Brisk walking offers many benefits to the body. The advantages of brisk walking are it helps to control diabetes, increased blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. It helps to reduce weight and improves skin glow.

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What is Brisk Walking ?

Benefits and Advantages of Brisk Walking.

Correct Way of Brisk Walking

What is Brisk Walking ?


Brisk walking is one of the most ignored types of exercise in the world of fitness. Its effectiveness is always neglected and underestimated. However, brisk walking offers many benefits to the body beyond expectation.

Brisk walking can be described as a type of exercise that involves walking faster in order to boost the heart rate and keeping the body in shape. An American Journal titled “Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology” showed that walking and running help lessen your risk of

Based on principles of ayurveda brisk walking balances Kapha dosha and reduces medha dhatu (body fat). This helps in kapha dosha imbalanced conditions like obesity, bronchitis, asthma, PCOS or PCOD, etc

Benefits and Advantages of Brisk Walking

Brisk walking can do more than exercising your body in many ways by improving your overall health. It benefits your overall health by efficiently increasing your breathing and heart rate in an easy way. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of brisk walking for five or more days in a week offer health benefits. These are the health benefits of brisk walking:

However, walking is proved to be more preferable by many people.

Brisk walking can be an excellent way to improve physical fitness and lose weight for overall body health. It is one of the best physical exercises for elderly, people who are obese, and as well as those people that have not exercised their body for a long time. Another plus to brisk walking is that it involves minimal equipment as it can be done at your pace and at any time of day. To enjoy the benefits of brisk walking, it has to be done in the correct way. Are you doing it correctly? Everything will be covered in this article. Let’s look at elements of a correct brisk walking.

Good healthy heart:

Brisk walk helps to strengthen the heart by increasing the heart beat to the required levels, thereby reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and as well as improves lungs ad muscles health. This has helped to lessen the rate of heart attack and other related heart diseases. Brisk walk also assists in pumping blood required for the body and as well helps shed bad body fats.

Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Brisk walk has been studied to reduce diabetes as well as hypertension by cutting the level of high blood pressure, enhancing BMI, burning the unwanted fats, and helping the muscle cells to use more glucose; thereby aids the body to perform optimally. The studies further show that 30 minutes brisk walking promotes blood sugar regulation and manages insulin in type 2 diabetes as well as minimizes the chances of overweight. Brisk walk accompanied with diabetic diet helps to control blood sugar level effectively.

Suitable for hypertensive patients:

Scientists have shown that 30-40 minutes of brisk walk helps lower the blood pressure for ten hours. It does this by strengthening the heart to control blood pressure. Brisk walk aids triacylglycerol level reduction; thereby improves state in hypertension. Healthy blood pressure also assists smooth functioning of essential organs such as heart, liver, kidney, and much more.

Good for sex:

If you are not strong sexually or impotent, try brisk walk for just 20 – 30 minute daily. It has been confirmed to help activities in bed. Discipline yourself to do a brisk walk every day for one month and compare the difference. The smooth blood flow throughout the body including genital organs during brisk walk makes it beneficial. (Read Benefits of walking for men suffering from Impotence )

Helps you shed weight:

Thirty minutes brisk walk at 2mph helps you burn about 75 calories while at 3mph and 4mph, you tend to burn about 99 calories and 150 calories respectively. Are you ready to shed unwanted weight? Take up a brisk walk and burn the fat faster than you could think.

Helps skin glowing:

Brisk walk enhances the formation of Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) to give a smart look and glowing skin to your outer layer. It performs this by shedding dead body cell from the skin thereby gives shining and gleaming skin.

Boosts your energy:

Brisk walk is one of the effective ways to gain more energy to get more work done. It is a natural energizer that helps improve circulation and boosts the supply of oxygen to every cell of your body; thereby assisting you to be alive and feel more alert.

Source of vitamin D:

Brisk walk is another good exercise to boost your vitamin D which is essential for your entire hormones and bone health. While enjoying other benefits of brisk walk, your vitamin D also tends to improve. (Also read Vitamin D deficiency-A new lifestyle disease )

Increases memory:

Physical exercises such as brisk walk helps maintain proper flow of oxygen and blood to the brain to enhance better brain functioning. Apart from this, it is a good way to reduce stress (Read Stress and Erectile dysfunction ), anxiety, and depression.

Improves the quality of life and longevity:

By keeping diseases and enjoy all other listed benefits, brisk walk improves the overall quality of life. Diseases have the tendency to cut one’s life short, and by preventing such diseases through regular brisk walk which acts as an anti-aging to the body, it increases your longevity.

Correct Way of Brisk Walking

Below are the recommended ways for best result:

Correct way:

Brisk walk’s correct way involves the following:

  • Start walking slowly and then moderately increase with time
  • Easily warm up and then relax by gently walking to cool yourself down
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking water while walking
  • Take easy and light steps, ensuring your heel touches ground ahead of toes
  • Go for walks that match your fitness and age level.

Correct time:

Brisk walk’s correct time involves the following:

  • Avoid traffic hours as well as a busy road because you need free movement and conducive environment.
  • Avoid eating an hour before your brisk walk. A light stomach is recommended. Juices or fruits can do it better.

Correct speed:

Brisk walk’s correct speed involves the following:

  • A moderate pace with intense of 15 to 16 minutes per mile is recommended
  • Be on the pace in which you can still talk but not to the level of sing

Correct clothing:

Brisk walk’s correct clothing involves the following:

  • Light dress is better as too warmly dress can make you sweat more and increase your body temperature that can result in skin irritation
  • Protect your body and eyes against sunburn by wearing long sleeves, sunscreen, sunglasses as well as a hat.

Correct footwear:

Brisk walk’s correct footwear involves the following:

  • Ensure you wear shoes that are comfortable with appropriate arch and heel support.
  • Inappropriate footwear can cause blisters, foot pain and injuries to you.


Having known the benefits of brisk walk to the body, taking a time out every day to go on brisk walking is worth trying to enjoy the benefits that follow. Walking at your convenience pace with correct approaches to brisk walking will help you to achieve your goal. It only requires discipline and a little adjustment in your time and lifestyle to take the advantages of brisk walk. Start now!

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Author: Dr.Savitha Suri , Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

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