Bijopaghataja Klaibya – Erectile dysfunction due to reduction in quality and quantity of semen

Bijopaghataja Klaibya  – Erectile dysfunction due to reduction in quality and quantity of semen

causes of low semen quantity and quality, causes of low semen volume, link between erectile dysfunction and semen volume, low ejaculate volume causes. According to ayurveda acharya charaka , when quantity and quality of semen reduces, erectile dysfunction sets in. The reasons for reduction in semen which cause erectile dysfunction in men are as follows.

  1. Consumption of following types of foods can cause in reduction of semen.
  • Foods which are sticky or paste like,
  • Very little quantity of food.
  • Polluted or spoilt.
  • Opposite foods
  • Refrigerated foods.
  1. Eating repeatedly without giving room for digestion of previous meals can be detrimental to health. This type of eating habit paves way for indigestion. Indigestion results in production and accumulation of ama, the body toxin. Accumulation of such toxins harms normal body function. Normal production of semen suffers the brunt of accumulation of toxins.
  2. Psychological disturbances like grief, anxiety, fear and terror can disturb healthy body. Psychological disturbances affect body to a great extent causing stress. Stress releases cortisol hormones which cause degeneration of body tissues and male reproductive system is not an exception for this.
  3. Uncontrolled sexual activities like repeated intercourse and masturbation can cause reduction in quantity of semen.
  4. Reduced nutrition in diet can cause decline in quality of semen. Malnourishment leads to diminution of rasa dhatu which supplies nutrients to tissues.
  5. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle leads to imbalance of doshas. This in turn leads to dosha vitiation. Dosha vitiation affects normal production of semen
  6. Fasting for long durations or starvation is another cause for low semen quality. Due to Fasting or starvation nutrition level in rasa dhatu nose dives, affecting the quality and quantity of semen.
  7. Disliking towards sexual partner can influence shukra dhatu.
  8. Wrongly administered panchakarma therapy can also cause reduction of semen. This also harms the quality of beeja or sperms.