Carrots and Carrot Juice for Men Health

Carrots and carrot juice help men in erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, weight loss, diabetes, low sperm count, maintaining prostate, skin and heart health.

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Carrots for Sperm Count

Carrots for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Carrots for Prostate Health

Carrots for Heart Health

Carrots for Skin Health and Psoriasis

There are millions of reasons for men to eat carrot daily. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but carrots are more beneficial for men than apple. Yeah, carrot offers numerous health benefits to men than many other vegetables in the same class. One will be wondering what is so unique in carrots to offer so much essential benefits to men.Carrot has been studied to contain beta-carotene which is advantageous to men.

Based on the experts’ research (1) , it was believed that carrots should be eaten at least two times in a week due to their essential health benefits to men. Carrot has been researched and singled-out to have high sperm-boosting properties to enhance sperm motility by 6 to 8 percent. They help to increase testosterone level and improve sexual function in men. Apart from this, carrots are healthy vegetables to prevent you from any forms of diseases and illness. This article will discuss health benefits of carrots to men. Let’s proceed to discover these benefits.

Carrots for Sperm Count

Deep orange fresh carrots are liked by everybody. Carrots are store house of nutrients. The nutrient rich carrots help men to overcome many health conditions which occur due to deficiency of essential nutrients. Here is a bird eye view of role of carrots in men’s health.

Carrots can increase sperm count and sperm health

Carrots are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and beta-carotene. Anti oxidants are best weapon against sperm damage. The nutrients in carrot help to increase sperm count and also maintain the health of sperm in men. Men, who consume sufficient amount of anti oxidants and vitamin E, are able to produce sperms with increased motility. Their sperms move or swim fast.

Carrots for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Carrots help in erectile dysfunction

Low potassium level and reduced level of Vitamin E can lead to erectile dysfunction (Ayurvedic Medicines and Treatment for Erectile dysfunction). Carrot contains good amount of potassium and Vitamin E. This can correct deficiencies and help in erectile dysfunction. Antioxidants from carrot can slow down the ageing process and thus help in age related erectile dysfunction.

Carrots can provide other health benefits to men. They are rich in fiber and aid in easy movement of bowel. This prevents constipation and help to overcome erectile dysfunction due to constipation.

Carrots for Prostate Health

Carrots can prevent prostate cancer

Studies have shown that men with prostate (Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicine for Prostate Enlargement or BPH) cancer have low vitamin A level. Men who consume sufficient amount of vitamin A and antioxidants have less probability of getting prostate cancer. Carrots are rich source of Vitamin A and antioxidants. Hence consumption of carrots can prevent prostate cancer.

Carrots for Heart Health

Carrots are rich sources of β-carotene, which is metabolized in the body as Vitamin A. These bright orange vegetable is also rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, plenty of antioxidants and dietary fibres.

By virtue of these nutrients carrots slow down the process of ageing, they promote healthy vision, have anti-cancer properties and boost immunity towards various chronic diseases. Yes, carrots do it all for you. This natural health booster enhances the health on various grounds and fills in the essential vitamins that our body needs, like pro-vitamin A, B3, C and E. Other important advantages of carrot besides those mentioned above includes preventing various gastrointestinal complaints like colic, ulcers ,heart attacks and cancer by reducing blood cholesterol levels as it has high soluble fibre levels.

How Carrots Work on Heart Patients?

Beta-carotene the main nutrient of carrot also acts as an anti-oxidant which prevents free radicals responsible for cancer and heart attacks. A study at Texas and Chicago states that men with higher content of Beta-carotene are 37% less prone to heart related diseases.

The β-carotene which is the main nutrient of carrot gets metabolized in the body to form Vitamin A. The vitamin A in our body, prevents hypertrophy (a harmful thickening) of heart walls. It also suppresses remodelling of heart tissue in response to stress, a process that contributes to heart failure.

Carrots also benefit the human heart due to their vitamin K content. Vitamin K activates the protein Gas6, a compound thought to promote cellular communication, including communication among the cells that make up the heart. Vitamin K also helps to control blood clotting.

The vitamin C in carrots helps to improve heart health. According to various research eating a diet rich in vitamin C lowers the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Obesity is a main cause for heart attacks. Carrots help in weight loss, since they are rich in dietary fibres. Eating a bowl of fresh carrot salad before meals helps to fight obesity and aids in healthy weight loss.

Heart problems and obesity cause erectile dysfunction in men. Carrots are best herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction since they help in weight loss and also improve heart health.

A cup of chopped carrots contains enough amount of vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. This provides more than entire day’s recommended intake of these vitamins.

Tip: Cut off the leafy tops of the carrot before storing them. The leafy tops suck the vitamins from the main body robbing its nutrition. You can make best use of carrots by adding it to your favourite juices.

Carrots for Skin Health and Psoriasis

Carrots are regarded as the ‘herbal healer’ of skin diseases as they promote the repair of skin tissue. Carrot juice is a valuable source of Vitamin A, which is a major vitamin for skin health. Carrots are rich in antioxidants, including phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, which protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. Nutrition received from carrots helps to reduce photosensitivity to promote skin renewal and protect the skin from sun damage.

5 Minute Easy Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine for Indian Men

Carrot juice acts as an anti-inflammatory and revitalizes and tones the skin. Cosmetically, carrots are used to treat dermatitis, psoriasis (Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Home Remedies for Psoriasis), eczema, rashes and wrinkles (Ayurvedic Treatment for Wrinkles on Face and Neck) caused by free radicals. Carrot juice is also used to assist in the healing of cuts and abrasions. Complexion problems due mainly to toxic overload in the body and an acidic condition in the blood (rakta dhatu) can be stabilized through consumption of carrot juice. Potassium in the carrots helps to neutralize the excess acid and the vitamin A assists the liver in flushing toxins from the body.

A recent study in the Netherlands found a significant link between skin condition and the level of vitamin A in the blood. Natural vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene is abundant in fresh carrot juice thereby negating the need for vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin A deficiencies in the body include: premature wrinkling, skin impurities, acne (Ayurvedic Tips for Pimples , Acne and Dark Spots), dry, scaly and rough skin (Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Dry Skin), especially on the arms and legs. Carrot juice applied daily is great for uneven skin tones due to blemishes and pigmentation. Extract juice from carrots and pineapple using a juicer: mix pineapple juice and carrot juice together, apply it on the face and wash off after 15 minutes. Use this daily to achieve clear and even toned skin.

Prevent constipation:

Carrots are rich in fiber to assist in easy bowel movement, prevent and ease constipation pains. This helps in erectile dysfunction which occurs due to constipation. Consume 1 or 2 carrots a day to treat constipation issues.

Purify blood:

Men have also found carrot juice useful for purifying blood or Rakta dhatu naturally. Incorporate 2 to 3 carrot grind in your diet as juice to take advantage of this benefit. You can as well add honey to improve its taste.

Other health benefits

The antioxidants and vitamins in carrot make the skin healthy and young looking. These nutrients also decelerate ageing process and can make men look younger than their actual age.

Nutritional Values of Carrot

Based on the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of chopped carrots, which is equivalent to 128 grams of carrot and contains:

  • 19g of protein,
  • 6g of vitamin C,
  • 15 mg of magnesium,
  • 52 calories,
  • 9 mcg of vitamin K,
  • 45 mg of phosphorus,
  • 3g of sugars,
  • 24 mcg of folate,
  • 38 mg of iron,
  • 26 g of carbohydrate,
  • 42 mg of iron,
  • 31 mg of zinc (Zinc (Jasada Bhasma) in Ayurveda- for Erectile Dysfunction , PCOS),
  • 6g of fiber,
  • 410 mg of potassium,
  • 31g of fat,
  • 88 mg of sodium, and
  • 1069 mcg of vitamin A.

This is more than 100% of daily recommended of vitamin A for adult male and female.

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