Causes of Low Libido in Men

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Causes of Low Libido in Men

causes of low libido, causes for low libido in men, low libido ayurvedaAs men approach middle age they experience a dip in their libido. Libido means desire to have sex. Many factors are responsible for low libido in men.

Brain and mind play a very important role in attaining erection and involve in sexual act. When few factors like stress, anxiety, depression etc affect mind then low libido results. These not only cause low libido but they also interfere in erectile dysfunction. Apart from these relationship issues, lack of interest in the partner, poor body image etc., can also be some of the factors behind reduced libido in men.

Physical Causes
Low testosterone level, reduced blood flow to penis can lead to low libido and erectile dysfunction respectively. Production of testosterone reduces when men reach their 30s. This causes many changes in body and mind.

Obesity leads to accumulation of fat in arteries thus interfering with blood flow to penile arteries. Increased cholesterol also plays the same role.

Causes for Low Libido as explained in ayurveda:
According to ayurveda acharyas not only anxiety and stress but having sex by compulsion with a person whom you do not like can also cause low libido in men and women.

Shukra Dhatu helps in enjoying good sexual life. Consumption of spicy, stale, opposite foods can vitiate shukra dhatu. This causes low libido and erectile dysfunction. Vitiated shukra dhatu can also affect quality and quantity of semen. Controlling sexual urge for very long durations can cause a condition called “Veeryavarodha” which in turn leads to low libido, erectile dysfunction and low semen quality and quantity. Some acquire the impotence by birth.