Causes for psoriasis – An ayurveda view

Causes for psoriasis – An ayurveda view

 foods that cause psoriasis. Texts of ayurveda explain the causes of psoriasis. These causes are explained below.

  1. Consumption of few vegetables and herbs may cause psoriasis. Increased intake of radish, honey, fish and garlic may increase incidences of psoriasis. Radish should never be consumed with jaggery.
  2. Few herbs when taken in combination with other foods can become the cause. Long pepper and Solanum Nigrum should not be consumed with curd and ghee
  3. Consuming Green leafy vegetables and milk with alcohol should be avoided.
  4. Meat and honey when used with hot and spicy food may cause psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  5. The combination of Sea foods, meat of aquatic animals and milk is very detrimental to skin health.
  6. Food has to be eaten only when we feel hungry. When foods are consumed disregarding the  hunger signals, it leads to psoriasis.
  7. Consumption of opposite foods is also a causative factor for psoriasis.
  8. Suppression of natural urges like vomiting, urinating, emptying bowel etc can also become a reason for this skin disease.
  9. Increased intake of sour and salty food vitiates rakta and pitta. These in turn affect skin health.
  10. Not but least the fruits of our Karma can also cause psoriasis.


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