8 Best Dates Syrup Available Online in India

Date syrup is being used as sweetener from ancient times. This syrup also known as “date honey” excels in its nutrition value, compared to processed sugar. This syrup undergoes minimal processing and contains natural sugar with nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium , magnesium , phosphorous, fiber etc. Whereas regular white sugar is processed with lots of chemicals and stripped off its nutrients. Date Syrup is also known as Silan in various parts of the World.

Dates are boiled in water and strained to remove pits and insoluble parts. The liquid thus obtained is boiled well to syrup consistency. This syrup is filled in clean sterilised containers and stored.

This syrup can be used to make delicious shakes, cakes, waffles, ice cream and other sweets. This can be a good replacement for honey. It tastes yummy when drizzled on pancakes. It can be used as delicious spread and can be eaten with dosa, idli and chapati. It goes good with milk.

Date syrups can be used for a wide variety of diets. These include vegan, paleo and no added sugar diets

Let’s have a look at 8 best Date Syrup available online in India

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# 1 Dry Fruit Hub Dates Syrup, 400gms,

# 2 Urban Platter Arabian Date Syrup, 500g / 18oz

# 3 Urban Platter Pure Omani Date (Dhibs) Syrup, 1kg

# 4 Al Barakah Date Syrup, 400g Bottle

# 5 Flyberry Gourmet Medjoul Date Honey Syrup 350 g

# 6 Lion Dates Syrup 1 Kg

# 7 Drupe Pancake Date Syrup

# 8 Doyen Date Dhibs – Finest Date Syrup from Middle East

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