Diabetes and infertility

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Diabetes and infertility

Diabetes infertility, Diabetes is so common a disease these days, that even five year old kids, especially girls, know why they should not eat chocolates, cakes with icings etc. The knowledge comes out of love for parents. An item so sweet, so mouth watering, but often one of the parents is forbidden to eat! This sacrifice leaves a deep imprint in child’s innocent mind.

Though many effects of long term diabetes in depriving body of its normal functions are well known, author feels that most important function that diabetes hits is the fertility. The fist sign of diabetes that is recognized as significant loss of health, is loss of libido, erectile function. When one lives naturally, taking what nature offers rather than processing it in a complex manner to make it more palatable, more intoxicating or “fortifying” it, the result is increase in fertility. The connection between processed foods, chemicals in consumer items and cosmetics and loss of fertility has been often hinted by this author in this list. Main theme treatment of modern science for infertile women (PCOS) are anti-diabetic drugs such as Metformin and Glucophage. While in U.S., one out of five couple has to go through IVF for progency, in India too, this proportion is approaching one-out-of ten in Metros.

Diabetes does not leave even pregnant moms and leads to “gestational diabetes” if they are not doing any physical work. Researchers have warned that babies born out of “gestational diabetes” tend to become “diabetic” later. What author feels is that Diabetes is a “wrath” of superpower, which wants to eliminate the race which just wants to live lavishly with no physical work. One may compare the population living in affluence to “affluent” society and third world tribals as “middle-class” society in author’s earlier post on Diabetes “affluent” society, without any physical efforts, wants to utilize the efforts of “middle class” and thrive on wealth generated by them. Diabetes punishes only such people. Though many reason can be given taking body as a chemical plant, it is to be noted that even developing countries have same pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, junk foods. Main difference is that physical work keeps middle class glands working, making them less vulnerable to diabetes epidemic.

It is unfortunate that the culture of physical work, as required by an economic model mainly based on agriculture (without use of mechanized farming) synergic with dairy (bullock cart, cow manure etc) has been ignored by India and adoption of chemical fertilizers, mechanized farming and industrialization producing only luxury goods or chemicals (using plants pushed by developing countries to avoid pollutants) is giving rise to industrial sectors where only computer work is adequate for livelihood; e. g. I-T industry, finance, industrial-enginnering-management consultancy, producing and marketing all white goods, high-tech hospitals and super speciality health care, transportation, tourism etc. As long as MBAs will earn more than farmers, engineers, salaried doctors, this state will continue. If everyone is going to generate only computer pictures, printouts or paper reports/prescriptions, who will do hard work? The medicine for diabetes is physical work and natural living, rather than anti-diabetic pills/bitter herbs. Human body totally regenerates in 9 months. glands may take a little more time, but not life time.

These considerations would have been of prime importance when Mahatma Gandhi wanted self-sufficient villages, natural and restrained living with no emphasis on luxury, a society caring for each other. Gandhiji was very much impressed by Naturopathy, hence the first naturopathy clinic in India is inaguarated by him.

Once Gandhiji saught an appointment with district collector, who had come to nearby farm for crop inspection. He went thorugh his appointment diary and asked Gandhiji to meet him in office, in say another thirty minutes, and left in his official jeep. Gandhiji vitually did fast running to keep the appointment time. When Collector reached his office and in another five or ten minutes met breathless Gandhiji, he came to know that Gandhiji came running! He apologized for not offering Gandhiji a lift! Little he knew that this half naked wiry frame man would make British quit India twenty years later and appear on Indian currency notes even today!

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