Diabetic Vegetarian or Veg Diet for South Indians

Diabetic diet for South Indians
South Indian diet is entirely different from that of north India. The diabetic Diet for South Indian population is healthy and tasty. The vegetarian south Indian diabetic menu is healthier than other diets.

Before pondering about the south Indian diabetic diet plan please note these thumb rules for diabetes diet chart

            1.    A strict no for sweets, chocolates, ice creams, jams, jellies etc

2.      Stay away from fats- avoid ghee, butter, deep fried foods, red meat etc

3.      Divide your diet in 5-6 small portions spread over a day. The best way is 3 small meals 2 healthy snacks.

4.      Include more vegetables and fruits. Important vegetables and spices – Bitter gourd or karela, lady finger, cinnamon and amla.

5.    Walk minimum 5 kilometers per day (Also read  Benefits of walking for men suffering from Impotence )

Here is an example for south Indian diabetes diet plan. Please consult your physician or qualified dietician before implementing any diet plans.

South Indian vegetarian diabetic diet chart

A typical south Indian diabetic meal plan should consist of the following

Early morning south Indian drink for diabetes-

A glass of karela juice or methi powder mixed in warm water or chewing of 5-10 neem leaves in empty stomach.

South Indian vegetarian Breakfast for diabetes  (normal serving) –

1.      Chose any one of these -3idlis /2 dosas/ 1 small plate upama/ 1 small plate pongal/ two  chapathis (without oil)/ whole wheat bread – 3 slices/

2.      Chutney or sambar can be opted for side dish.

3.      Include a small bowl of vegetable salad or sprouts or fruits with less sugar content (sweet lime/ orange/ apple/ papaya)

4.      Tea / low fat skimmed milk/ water (without sugar or honey)

Foods that can be used in South Indian Mid noon snacks for diabetes:

A glass of butter milk (without salt) / green tea (without sugar or honey)/ 1 orange/1 sweet lime / 2 diet marie biscuits. Skip fruits if you have consumed fruits for breakfast.

Diabetic Lunch South Indian vegetarian meal plan:

1.      Brown rice / broken wheat rice – 1 1/2  cup

2.      Thick vegetable sambar -1 big bowl

3.      Mixed vegetable curry – 1 cup

4.      Rasam – 1cup

5.      Roasted papad -1

6.      Butter milk -1 cup

7.      Fruits (papaya, sweet lime, orange) – ½ cup

Tea break:

Tea/coffee/ low fat skimmed milk (without sugar) – 1 cup with 2 diet Marie biscuit / 2 rusks

South Indian Dinner for diabetes (2 hours before going to bed):

1.      chapathi (without oil)- 1

2.      Mixed vegetable curry/subzi – 1 cup

3.      Brown rice / broken wheat rice/ green gram pongal/ – 1 cup

4.      Rasam – 1cup

5.      Roasted papad -1

Before going to bed:

1 apple / ½ cup papaya/ 1 sweet lime/ 1 orange/

Some More Tips to be added in south Indian diabetic diet chart

  1. If you have difficulty in sleeping you can drink warm turmeric milk without sugar. This not only provides nutrients but also helps to prevent frequent fluctuation of blood sugar.
  2. Add spices like ginger, turmeric, black cardamom , cinnamon, cardamom etc in diet
  3. Use vegetables like Karela or bitter gourd or bitter melon, cluster beans, onion, garlic, palak or spinach and Methi. Do not forget to use methi seeds and its sprouts.
  4. Include fruits like papaya, amla, sweet lime or orange in diet.
  5. You can use nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios in your snacks.



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