Do You Know Imbalance of Shukra Dhatu can Affect Men Health?

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It is a known fact that men and women have different type of reproductive anatomy and physiology. Still there are some curious facts which you have to know before going through this article. Testosterone also known as male hormone is present in both men and women. Men secrete a lot of it and women secrete it in a very little quantity. Oestrogen which is a female hormone is also present in both and follows the same path but vice versa. Women secrete more of oestrogen hormone and men secrete a very little amount.  Any imbalance in these two hormones can cause infertility in both genders.

The same fact has been described by Ayurveda as

Shukra dhatu ayurveda

Shukra dhatu can be taken as combination of oestrogen and testosterone which is present all over body and all body organs respond to this. It is just like how ghee is present in milk in invisible form and jaggery is present in Sugar cane in the same way. When there is an imbalance in Shukra Dhatu both genders suffer problems. Let us see how the imbalance of Shukra Dhatu affect men health.

Obesity : Based on principles of Ayurveda obesity occurs when kapha dosha goes off balance. Vitiated Kapha also affects male reproductive system causing imbalance of Shukra dhatu. Imbalanced shukra dhatu affects the levels of testosterone. Various researches have shown the following facts.obesity can cause low sperm count-ayurveda explanation

  • 75%  of men who are obese and whose BMI is more than 40 kg/mwere found to suffer with hypogonadism.
  • The link between obesity and low testosterone levels is found in men at all ages, even in young men and teenagers.
  • In elderly men obesity occurs due to decline in testosterone levels.

Low Sperm Count and Low sperm motility: When shukra dhatu gets imbalanced it can lead to production of unhealthy sperms which are low in count and less motile. This type of semen which contains unhealthy sperms is discussed in detail in Texts of Ayurveda. ( Read Unhealthy semen – An ayurvedic view ). Health experts opine that imbalanced testosterone levels can cause low sperm count and low sperm motility.

Erectile Dysfunction: Imbalanced Shukra dhatu is the main reason for erectile dysfunction or claibya. Ayurveda acharyas describe various types of erectile dysfunction. Among them Jaraja Claibya (erectile dysfunction due to old age) and claibya due to atisthoolathwa (Erectile dysfunction due to Obesity) are directly linked with imbalance in testosterone hormone.

diabetes low sperm countDiabetes:  Charakacharya in his ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita says that vitiation of jala bhuta or Water factor in body causes prameha or diabetes. Meanwhile shukra dhatu is made up of Jala and Prithvi (earth factor) mahabhutas. This confirms the link between imbalanced shukra dhatu and diabetes. Doctors say that it is possible that some of the lifestyle factors that increase the risk of diabetes also increase the risk of low testosterone.

Variations in Ejaculate Volume: When Kapha dosha vitiates Shukra dhatu the volume of semen increases with decreased quality of sperms. When Vata dosha vitiates Shukra Dhatu, the volume of semen and sperm count decrease. These vitiated semen are known as dooshita Shukra or Unhealthy Semen

Depression: Depletion of shukra dhatu causes Dehalasya (tieredness), Hridklama (depression or mental fatigue), Nirasakti (loss of interest), Nidraheenata (Insomnia), etc. Various medical researches show that plummeted testosterone levels can cause diminished ability to concentrate, as well as irritability and depression.

How to overcome this Imbalance?
Various ayurvedic herbs and herbal preparations help to overcome Imbalance of Shukra dhatu. Ashwagandha, Shatavari , Safed Musli, Vidari kanda, amla etc are main herbs which address this problem. Vajikarana Therapy kit Which contains all these herbs help to address the imbalance of shukra dhatu. Contact to get this therapy formulated.

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